2014 NBA Draft: The Lakers Most Likely Candidates (Video)

2014 NBA Draft: The Lakers Most Likely Candidates (Video)


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With the NBA draft just 19 days away and the first round of Los Angeles Lakers pre-draft workouts underway, Greg Mescall of MyNBADraft.com takes a look at the most likely candidates the Lakers could draft with their seventh pick. Top picks like Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Dante Exum will likely be off the board by the time the Lakers make their pick, but what about the likelihood of players like Marcus Smart, Doug McDermott, Julius Randle or Aaron Gordon? Should the Lakers go with a point guard? A big man? The most athletic player in the draft? The safest or riskiest choice? Let us know what you think while Mescall breaks down the most likely options.

VIDEO: Check Out Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh, and Zach LaVine Shooting Around At Their Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts

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  • Barney

    All the NBA teams are plotting.Every NBA fan base is hoping their team gets great players and they put out rumors about players in the media saying so and so is interested in signing to play for so and so.The Lakers seem to be relaxed on the whole plotting out a way to get better fast,it seems like the Lakers FO is content with being 27-55 figuring a healthy Kobe and a lottery pick plus a better coach will get the Lakers to a better record than 27-55.Hard to argue with that.They will be better next season and the Lakers FO knows it and so do us fans therefore we are laid back without the rumors or plotting on how to sign LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony.Other teams like Mavericks,Rockets,Celtics,Suns,Knicks,Bulls,Clippers that’s all they do is plot on how to get all the great players.The fan bases of those teams blog about who they want all the time,it’s interesting to me.

  • Barney

    Just keep the seventh pick don’t trade it no matter what.Draft BPA.

    • LAL

      I would trade that 7th pick if the Lakers can get Dario Saric & Zach Lavine. But it’s highly doubtful so better keep the pick and draft the best player available.

      • Monty

        Lakers might offer Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre plus 2015 second round pick and 2019 first round pick plus our current 2014 first round pick to Utah and their current #5 pick then we will draft Dante Exum.Lakers are trading up not down,yes trading up playa.

        Yes Mitch is on his game,plus we might absorb a hefty contract to eat salary up in exchange obtaining a couple first round picks that can be packaged to Utah also for the #5 pick.Whatever it takes the Lakers need to get Dante Exum.It’s top priority.Orlando is drafting Marcus Smart they are making it clear in the media reports.

        So Exum will be at #5 and Utah has no use for him since Trey Burke runs the show over their and he is a great young point guard and Burks is the shooting guard they love Burks.They need a big man and assets so a trade with the Lakers makes perfect sense.

        • marlou anthony lorica

          non sense,many plaer plus future pick for only exum

        • nlruizjr

          offering 2 Bigs and 3 picks is just ridiculous, that’s what got the lakers in the mess we are in now, giving up to many picks, yes I’d like for the Lakes to get Exum but that will not happen, get real.

      • Riley

        The NBA Draft is a wide open debate,it’s actually more of a guessing game.Examples i thought Shaq,Mourning,Webber,Kidd,Grant Hill,Iverson,Duncan would all be star players and i was right.Then i thought on the Temple team that Aaron Mckie was much better than Eddie Jones and i wanted the Lakers to draft Aaron Mckie over Eddie Jones hell i wanted the Lakers to draft Jalen Rose over Eddie Jones.I was wrong about Eddie Jones he turned out to better than both those guys.

        Then i thought Terry Dehere would be a big star never happened.I thought Danny Manning would be a star he was all star level but injuries hampered his career.I thought Lawrence Moten would be a good NBA player,poetry in motion never made it.Felipe Lopez i thought would be good i was wrong again.Gary Grant did nothing special i thought he would be all star level.Lamond and Tracy Murray i thought would be superstars never happened.UCLA Don Mac never became a star.I knew about Kerry Kittles but i didn’t know about Kobe Bryant so i was wrong again as i loved Kerry Kittles and thought he would be a huge superstar on the NBA level never happened.But with Kobe he did become a huge superstar i never guessed that before.Lately i thought Harrison Barnes would be a big time superstar hasn’t happened likely won’t ever happen.I thought Derrick Williams would be a star player man was i wrong.I thought Devin Ebanks would be a good player on the Lakers for a long time to come i was so wrong about Devin Ebanks.

        I was wrong about lots of players but i was right about a lot of players.I knew Adam Morrison would suck and he did suck.I knew the guy the Clippers drafted Michael Olowocrappy would suck and he was terrible.I knew Kwame Brown would suck and he did.I knew Darius Miles would be awful and i was right.I knew Hasheem Thabeet was a huge bust and i was right.I thought Alex Len would be horrendous and i am right so far.I thought Antoine Walker would be a good player i was right but he should have been better.Jamal Mashburn i liked coming into the NBA he had a nice career.

        Tim Duncan was obvious and i knew he would be a superstar.I knew LeBron James would be a mega superstar and i was right.Kevin Durant yes i loved his game.Michael Finley i knew would be a excellent player.It’s a hit and miss game some prospects are picked correctly others are just terrible.Craps table has better chances than picking in the NBA Draft,picking a player is a crap shoot in the NBA Draft.I won’t even predict anything this year.Good luck Mitch.

  • LAL

    I just don’t see Randle as a franchise player. I would rather get Vonleh/Smart at 7th if they are available. Of course my first choice would be Dante Exum but he doesn’t want to pull Dario Saric-type of move (Lakers only or else I’m going to EuroLeague).

    The whole thing actually depends on the Lakers strategy for the FA. I think they should persue Greg Monroe (C) and Gordon Hayward (SG/SF) and draft Marcus Smart (PG). In 2015, sign Kevin Love (PF). If possible, get Kevin Durant in 2016 but highly doubtful because of the salary cap. At least this way, the Lakers will get 2 defensive players in Smart and Monroe and offensive threat with Hayward and Love.

    Aaron Gordon is too much of a tweener. No idea where he’s going to play in the NBA. He’s quite short for PF and not much of a perimeter threat as a SF.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      I like Smart as well. If Gordon improves his jumper, he would he a tremendous SF. Super sthletic, sounds like tremendous work ethic, great defense. He could be a great player in the future. Smart is my slight favorite though.

      I’m not sold on Monroe. We could try and snag Asik next season to pair with Love, and pursue Deng this season with Hollins as our HC.

      • Josh Stevenson

        I’ve been saying Gordon could develop into a great SF, he can already handle and pass, I also would take a chance on Larry Sanders, if Hollins is the coach, go for Love in 15

      • marlou anthony lorica

        agree with you with Gordon but asik over Monroe is so weard,id rather go momroe ang gazol plus pick and original lakers roster nd SF FA

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          Why is that weird? Asik was a starting C who was praised highly for his defensive abilities and regarded as a great interior defender. Then Dwight came in and made him a back up.

          Everything I’ve read says Monroe is not worth the money he’s going to ask for, and Gasol is an aging, non-assertive one dimensional player who is a defensive liability.

          • tell it like it is

            If Asik is that good, why isn’t he starting over Dwight Howard? Why was it that Morey called every team trying to trade him before the trading deadline, and nobody wanted Asik? His salary too high? Then why is every going after Love who’s making about the same salary? The fact is Asik is a journeyman center at best. I’ve seen you running you r mouth on these blogs thinking you’re some kind of expert, what you really are is a clueless blogging fool with an IQ less than zero. Apparently those fatty acid Omaha beef is combustin your penny size brain.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Dwight is a 3x DPOY isn’t he? Also, highly athletic, big profile, and considered one of the best C in the league today. Not sure any one would start ahead of him. Asik is a good defensive center and solid rebounder. Not an all star. Not a franchise player. Love is a high scoring game changer who can spread the floor. Big offense, big numbers, big effect. That’s why there is demand. Asik is not a game changer, just a solid player who plays good defense and knows his role. Also, I know nothing about the trades, or the offers that were given to him.

            But if you’d like to follow me around the site being a prick, go for it. Unlike you, I don’t run my mouth. I speak my opinion. If I don’t know something, I admit it, otherwise I explicitly state that the information I’m providing is something I’ve read.

            Again, run along now, child.

          • nlruizjr

            I agree, no need for disparaging remarks but like I said, I don’t see the same player you see in Asik, maybe just a notch above Sacre.

          • nlruizjr

            I have to disagree, in every game I have seen Asik play he was nowhere near a defensive presense, plus his slow plodding moves put him below Gasol, IMO, sorry I just didn’t see it with Asik, plus if he was as great as you say, why wasn’t he put on the trade block when he wanted a trade, because no one wanted him, did you see a slurry of teams wanting his services, I didn’t.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan


            Change (dot) to . and check that link out. Seems Asik is a better defender than you give him credit for. Also, you don’t just give a guy away. You need to get something worth it in return. Basically, a team who had a need at C,the cap space, and have something the rockets actually want in return.

    • Badazztj12

      Monroe is a like gasol but without the reach like gasol

  • Johnnyboi

    Doug McDermott is the best bet

  • Steve Morgenthaler

    The Lakers need a little bit of everything. They really can’t go wrong……..

  • Have a cupcake

    Mitch was in the back of that workout video when Marcus Smart was running his shooting drill, Smart missed 4 out of 5 shots and the one he made bounced twice before going in. Then Mitch started talking on his cell phone, walked right passed Smart without even looking at him. Mitch was probably talking to Jim, saying, “Man, this guy sucks, get him out of here.”

    • Derek Clark

      Yeah and then he hit 8 of his next 9 shots. Calm down, you act like the two minute clip we looked at was the only time Mitch was watching him.

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        Right? Plus, I’m sure there are other scouts, personnel and cameras there. The guys will watch and rewatch and break down workout footage.

    • Vince

      Dudes like you man are the reason the Lakers are where they are.Honestly come on now calm down lol the guy is better than you make it sound.What about watching his last 4 years of active basketball in High School and the NCAA level also his Olympic under 19 stuff.Also look at who the experts compare him to yeah a guy named Dwayne Wade enough said…

  • $20509373

    Trade down with Charlotte or Phoenix and draft Zach Lavine and Dario Saric. We need to make the most out of our picks since we’re rebuilding.

    • Jim213

      Agree, that they should trade down (tho SLIGHTLY) but not past 11th IMO. The Lakers will likely be left without a pick come 2015 so best to make the best of this current draft to address some of the needs for better odds of long term success.

  • Ken

    Smart can’t shoot and turns ball over too much, not what you need in a point guard. Lakers need to be more athletic Gordon or Lavine fit that need

  • Someonethatknows

    Your smartest choice would be Smart.

    You have to consider not just this year but next year.

    If you are looking at people like Kevin Love in the off-season whom is an upgrade over every single big in this draft except Embiid then you draft Smart who is the defensive lockdown point guard that overpowers other ones.

    In my opinion we need the all-star point guard when we consider the bigs coming in the next years free agency

    Look at the free agent forwards/centers crop in 2015.

    Love, Aldridge, Jordan, Wright, West, Love, Milsap, Aldridge, Gasol, Asik, Lopez, Chandler etc.

    Are all coming in the next free agency and there for the taking. Whereas compared to the point guards

    This off-season, Lowry, Bledsoe(long shots).
    Next off-season, Rondo, Lin, Will Bynum, Steve Nash and Raymond Felton

    Rondo is going nowhere especially if the Celtics are dead set on landing Gordon.

    So basically if we don’t land Lowry, or Bledsoe this off-season(which are longshots to begin with) we’re looking at a future with Will Bynum or Raymond Felton being our starting point guard after Nash’s retirement….

    Will Bynum will also be 33, and Felton will be 31 and we already seen what he can or rather can’t do. Maybe Jeremy Lin but even then he’s barely a starter and best served off the bench.

    To those who worry about Smart’s incident let me remind you.. he didn’t repeat after the “incident” and once he came back he averaged 19.2/6.6/6.1 and 4.5 Steals and became the first player in NCAA tournament history to get 20/10/5/5(23/13/7/6) with no more incidents after that. The only reason this guy is so underrated is because of that incident otherwise he’d be a top 4 pick in the eyes of many. The Lakers need to take advantage of that and take him for the steal.

    We draft the all-star point guard and try to get the big man in free agency..you know.. the method that has worked for thousands of years with the Lakers?

    We drafted Jerry West, we picked up WIlt in free agency. We got Kareem in free agency we drafted Magic Johnson, we drafted Kobe Bryant we got Shaq in free agency. Why change the formula that has worked time and time again?

    Get your big men AFTER they develop while drafting the player that can make an impact right away.

    With Love, Aldridge, Jordan, Wright, West, Love, Milsap, Aldridge, Gasol, Asik, Lopez, Chandler available in 2015 as “big men” it would make the most sense to draft Smart and then pick up one of them in free agency rather than the other way around.

    • VillainKing™

      WOW!!! I was very impress of your comments and I agree of you buddy we need a Point Guard we need Marcus Smart..

    • Jhass

      I agree totally with your view on the draft, I’ve been saying it since we found out we were drafting at 7 that we need Smart. Gordon could be similar to a Kwahi Leonard but more athletic. What are your thoughts if Smart, and Exum are gone at 7? Do you think we should take Gordon at 7 or trade down and try to fill that need with LaVine or someone else?

      • Evan

        If Smart and Exum are gone then the pick is Randle…. if all three are gone then yes the pick would be Gordon! Personally I think it will be Marcus Smart that is still there @ 7! And for people who say Marcus Smart can’t shoot just remember that he has basically the exact scouting report that Westbrook had coming out of UCLA… long, rangy, strong defender who excels at penetration and finishing at the rim!!

        • Jhass

          I hope Smart is available with the pick myself but I don’t want to see us pick up Randle. He’s not athletic, and he doesn’t defend well, his ceiling is low.

    • nlruizjr

      mainly because Bigs are far and few between and the Lakers will need a Big if they lose any of their 3 which is totally possible and another reason is that Smart was not rated a top PG for a reason, now I’m sure the teams have ample info to make their decisions, now everyone sees a few video’s and wants to bless Smart as the top PG, a top PG wouldn’t have missed most of his uncontested shots at the combine, so rant and rave as you will, the GM will more than likely pick a Big, where their biggest need happens to be at the moment. Go Lakers !!!!

  • Monty

    Trade down: Let’s say Parker and Gordon are both off the board, and someone really wants Dante Exum. If you can fall back a few spaces, keep a top-ten pick, pick up a future first or another asset, and still grab someone like Smart, Doug McDermott, Gary Harris, or Saric? That’s not a bad deal. The Celtics aren’t going to move up, it’s just not happening. But theLakers might be interested in that kind of setup, whether in pursuit of Exum or Kevin Love. Let me put it this way. It makes more sense for Utah to move down, get a good player, and future assets than draft Dante Exum, despite Exum’s talent.


  • Ivan

    Trade the #7 pick plus assets to Utah for the #5 pick.We got future picks to trade.

  • Ivan

    Dante Exum baby.

  • VillainKing™

    Lakers need a point guard so they must draft at 7th pick a player like Marcus Smart!!

  • Roland

    Dante Exum in a trade.If the Lakers had just to Utah and Spurs he would be ours.

  • Roland

    If the Lakers would have just tanked to Utah and Spurs.Exum would be a Laker.

  • Roland

    Now we are in scramble mode since Exum is going to be off the board by #7.SMH

  • Bruce

    Lakers will keep the 7th pick period. They will draft Julius Randle, an NBA ready body, low post scorer and rebounder, a lot of upside, and can come in and contribute right away. Let’s go Lakers!!

  • Gambit

    Draft Marcus Smart and thank me later,draft Smart and call it a good day.

  • Jim Buss Fan Club

    Marcus Smart because he plays All NBA Defense and because he can also give you scoring on the end.He has the length and strength needed to dominate smaller guards in the NBA.Marcus Smart is a no brainer easiest choice the Lakers have to make is picking Marcus Smart at #7 that’s a huge steal in this draft.Will he be their at #7 is the only question i have.

    • nlruizjr

      All NBA Defense, ha,ha, he hasn’t played one game in the NBA and hasn’t gone up against any NBA PG/SG. Smart is not going to find a bunch of pansies to run over because they will be just as strong and as quick or quicker than Smart but I will agree Smart may have potential but I will not coronate him before he proves his worth, their only a few that deserve that coronation (MJ, Magic, Kobe, Kareen) and Smart is just not at that level.

  • garyknowz1

    Firstly, is anyone else having issues with the Laker Nation forum? For the last week, I’ve been getting the an error message saying “there seems to be an error accessing the database”. Any help is appreciated. My username is garyknowz1.

    Secondly, very deep draft so they can’t good too wrong in their selection, but I’m a little keen on Aaron Gordon, and would like to see more. I recognize his weaknesses at the PF position and shooting. However, I’ve been very impressed by his pure athleticism. And it seems to be players with phenomenal athletic abilities who are dominating today (e.g., LeBron, Westbrook, Kobe), especially on the defensive end. He’s young, and can learn the art of a 10 jumper, especially at the FT line. Ultimately, looks like a good foundation to mould into something special.

  • http://www.blueisme.com Tong Zou

    Umm.. Marcus Smart? Where’s the downsides of him? I didnt hear it…

  • http://www.callingallsportsbrisbane.com Sportz_Nut

    I agree that if Randle is there they should take him. I’d really like to see them trade up and take Dante Exum. He’d be a great piece for them.

  • M T

    Kings are shopping their 8th pick for vets.
    Sign and trade Pau, Nick, 2016 swap option, 2016 2nd, and maybe even trade
    Marshall to a 3rd team for that 8th pick. Pau and Nick would agree to the sign
    and trade bcz they’ll still play in CA, they’ll be a part of a new and improved
    team, and they are just less than an hour flight away from LA whenever they
    want to visit. Draft GORDON and Vonleh. Re-sign **HILL** and Jodie. Sign Lowry
    and Lance. Wait for for 2015 to get Love for free. This would be a title team
    with zero weaknesses. Lowry, Kobe, Gordon, Hill, Vonleh. Jodie, Lance, Love.