2014 NBA Draft: NBA Executives Rate Jabari Parker As Likely No. 1...

2014 NBA Draft: NBA Executives Rate Jabari Parker As Likely No. 1 Pick


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With the 2014 NBA Draft less than two months away, all the talk for the Los Angeles Lakers will be about which pick they will end up with in the NBA Draft Lottery and who will be available. While the Lakers finished with the sixth worst record in the NBA, they have a 6.3 percent chance of getting the first overall pick.

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With Kentucky’s Julius Randle officially declaring for the draft on Tuesday, he joins one of the most anticipated drafts in recent years that will also feature Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and Dante Exum. While the top-five teams will get a potential All-Star, much of the discussion has been able who the number one overall pick will be.

In a recent poll by ESPN, they asked 30 NBA executives who they would pick with the number one pick and Duke’s Jabari Parker came away with 17 votes:

Jabari Parker: 17 votes

Joel Embiid: 8 votes

Andrew Wiggins: 5 votes

Over the past couple of months, all three players have been in the conversation and the debate will surely continue leading up to the draft in June. While Parker is considered the most NBA-ready, Wiggins and Embiid potentially have the higher ceilings.

Since the Lakers have the sixth worst record, they will hope to land a top-three pick on May 20 as they are unable to get the fourth or fifth pick in the draft. With the Lakers looking to be competitive next season, GM Mitch Kupchak recently acknowledged that trading the lottery pick was a possibility.
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  • Alex Shahparnia

    I’m sure they’re using their vote to play mind-games with other teams.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    And i know the Lakers were one of the 8 teams voting for Joel Embiid.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Andrew Wiggins is going to slip to #3 in this draft judging off this poll.

  • LakerExec

    If we can land the #3 pick and still get the player with the most overall potential……….. All I can say is that it would be a good day lol

  • Shannon

    A young Paul Pierce.

  • KB24

    bucks,lakers,heat,pacers,spurs,okc,noh,nuggets votes for embiid IM 100% SURE!!!!

  • Zimmeredge

    If wiggins choked…jabari choked even more. He was knocked out in the first round with a horrible game. Wiggins did not shine this year because he was playing his part in Kentucky. When he was asked to take control of the game he had major game.
    Btw he needs to play in a team where he is not the main option? In Utah he will be an instant number one option. In la you already have Bryant and gasol so he might be 3 or even 4th option if we land a good fa like lowry or deng.
    Jabari is certainly more nba Ready but he is truly not a leader. He is too humble and too discret. Marcus smart is a true leader.

  • ruckus

    yet the whole year JP was more consistent then wiggins and playing at the 4 and defending out of position

  • Zimmeredge

    Wiggins is a better all around defender. He can guard anybody from 2 to 4. He will guard night in night out the best outsider player on any team (that´s what he did during this season). jabari Parker is a great 3-4 defender. He is good at closing down player yet he struggle to defend one on one defense.
    They did not play inside the same team´s Logic. Coach k was axing the game 2-3 players all season inclu dieng jabari. Wiggins was part of a true collective effort. That se why he was not given as much opportunity as Parker.
    Yet, Statistically speaking they have the same impact.