2014 NBA Draft: LaVine, Gordon Believe Lakers Would Be Great Destination

2014 NBA Draft: LaVine, Gordon Believe Lakers Would Be Great Destination


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The NBA Draft process has begun kicking into high gear. Last week, the NBA held its annual Pre-Draft Combine, and earlier this week the NBA held the draft lottery where the Lakers fell one spot and will pick seventh overall.

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This draft is extremely deep, and now players have begun working out in groups for scouts and general managers for every team. Two of the most intriguing and athletic prospects are Arizona’s Aaron Gordon and UCLA’s Zach LaVine.

After participating at the BDA Sports workout today, both prospects mentioned the Lakers as a great destination according to the LA Times’ Eric Pincus:

Gordon is a very viable possibility for the Lakers at the seventh spot. One of the best athletes in the draft, Gordon is an excellent rebounder and defender already, but is still raw offensively. Many scouts compare him to Shawn Marion or Blake Griffin.

LaVine on the other hand is a combo guard who some hope can translate into a point guard in the NBA. He has the size to play both guard positions and is an excellent shooter from deep. Some compare him to Russell Westbrook because of his explosiveness and ability to play both guard positions.

Either of these guys would be good pickups for the Lakers, especially with the team looking to get younger and more athletic.

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At this time, Gordon would seem more likely, as he has been slotted in the 5-8 range for most of the year, while LaVine is looked at as more of a late-lottery selection. With both playing in the Pac-12, being in Los Angeles should be no issue for either of them.
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  • M T

    Please draft Gordon, LA. Great defense, great athleticism, great rebounder for his size/minutes, has a high IQ, can pass, and has ball handling skills already?!?! Who doesn’t like this unique, awesome blend of skills? Draft this combo forward!

    • The New Marty Blake

      I see all these people saying draft Marcus Smart but that’s just fans opinion.The real process is how did these players measure out at the combine and how did they test out in the work outs and these two guys Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon mastered their draft combine work outs and they are by far the best article about the draft since the measurements mean everything.I want to add to you’re article by posting the draft combine numbers for players that are often discussed on here.My source is Draft Express for these numbers.Please check these numbers out fans and you will fall in love with Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon.How can we get them both lol?Would be nice though.Numbers never lie.Enjoy and thank you.

      Zach Lavine:While showcasing his athletic ability, Lavine also helped himself in the measurement realm as he measured 6-5 ¾ with shoes, a 2 ¾ inch increase from 2012 when he measured only 6-3 in shoes atLeBron JamesCamp. Lavine was seen as an undersized two-guard for much of the year, but with his new measurement he has more than adequate size at the shooting guard position. Although not quite as long, Lavine compares physically toJamal Crawford(6-5 ½ in shoes, 175 pounds and a 6-10 wingspan).

      Aaron Gordon:One of the most athletic prospects in the draft, Gordon helped himself in the measurements department as well standing 6-7 ½ without shoes (estimated to be around 6-8 ½ to 6-9 with shoes) to go along with a 6-11 ¾ wingspan. Gordon measured only 6-6 without shoes less than a year ago at USA Basketball. Although different styles of players, the 221-pound Gordon had similar measurements toPaul George(6-7 ¾, 214 pounds, 6-11 ¼ wingspan).

      Marcus Smart:Smart measured a bit shorter than expected at 6-3 ¼ with shoes. The bruiser point guard does make up for it with a massive 6-9 ¼ wingspan however. Smart also weighed in at 227 pounds, making him the second-strongest point guard in our database. Although heavier and longer, one of Smart’s closest comparisons isJarrett Jack(6-3 ½, 198 pounds, 6-7 ½ wingspan).

      Dante Exum:Exum measured a legitimate 6-6 in shoes with an impressive 6-9 ¼ wingspan. Exum has great size for a shooting guard, let alone a point guard. The Australian combo guard also filled out his frame a bit, weighing in at 196 pounds, up eight pounds from the 2013 Nike Hoop Summit. Exum’s closest physical comparison isMichael Carter-Williams, who measured 6-5 3/4 , 184 pounds with a 6-7 ¼ wingspan.

      Julius Randle:Randle was criticized for much of his freshman year for a low steal and block rate, which many attributed to having short arms. He put that rumor to rest by registering a 7-foot wingspan, more than adequate for his 6-9 (in shoes), 250-pound frame, even if his standing reach leaves something to be desired at 8-9 1/2. The 6-9 250 pound Randle measured similarly toKevin Love, who came in at 6-7 ¾ without shoes, 255 pounds, with a 6-11 ¼ wingspan and 8-10 standing reach.

      Noah Vonleh:The Indiana power forward helped himself in a big way by measuring 6-8 without shoes (making him most likely between 6-9 and 6-9 ½ with shoes) and 247 pounds while sporting a massive 7-4 ¼ wingspan. Vonleh had the second-longest wingspan among all 60 prospects, second to only 7-footerIsaiah Austin(7-4 ½ wingspan). More importantly, Vonleh had the largest height-to-wingspan differential (8 ¼ inches). Vonleh also measured freakishly large hands in terms of length (9 ¾) and width (11 ¾), both tops in the combine. Vonleh’s hand width measured second best in our database next toGreg Smith’s 12-inch mitts. Aside from the hands Vonleh’s physical measurements are fairly similar to 2010 drafteeDerrick Favors, who measured 6-8 ¾ without shoes and 245 pounds with a 7-4 wingspan.

      • Jay Brodes

        i am no jerry west but i saw all i needed to in marcus smart this year and it had nothing to do with the texas tech game! that said he is an easy pass! cant shoot and i just do not like his game. can he turn into a tim hardaway …maybe but need to get this pick right fast and we need more front court help than backcout! too many games where smart was a non-factor for me…sorry!

    • The New Marty Blake

      I also got some numbers for Dante Exum.

      Dante Exum 31.5” no-step vert, 34.5” max vert, 10.75 lane agility, 3.19 sprint

      Exum has been the media gem of the combine; everyone wanted to know about the “Australian man of mystery”. Not necessarily known as a high riser, his vertical measurements were fairly average. However, his speed for his size is special and that came through in his sprint time. He moves exceptionally well and is a dangerous penetrator, with his lane agility and sprint times backing that up at the NBA level. Testing with the SG’s, Exum’s speed at his size did nothing to hurt his stock and was considered by some as the top guard prospect at the combine.

      • LAstory

        And I got numbers on Zach Lavine: That’s what he placed in strength and agility drills among 59 participants, doing so with — respectively — a 10.42-second lane agility drill, a 2.8-second shuttle run, a 3.19-second three-quarter sprint, a 33.5-inch standing vertical, and a 41.5-inch max vertical. No one else placed top-10 in all five.

    • The New Marty Blake

      The thing is i never said Zach Lavine is better than Marcus Smart.What i said is work outs are very important but in reality they don’t mean too much.As we all know Gerald Green is a athletic freak but it took him 8 years to show his stuff in real games.Chris Carr back in the day was a athletic freak that never translated to in game.So many guys were athletic freaks just like Zach Lavine and they never amounted to anything in the NBA.

      The truth of the matter is Marcus Smart is a way better player than Zach Lavine but the work outs keep Zach Lavine in the conversation to be selected late lottery or mid first round.Marcus Smart is getting drafted 1-7 i guarantee you that.I would advise people not to get too high on Zach Lavine he is a great athlete but that doesn’t mean he is better than Marcus Smart or Dante Exum.I have Marcus Smart rated as the best player at the Point Guard position and Dante Exum a close second and Zach Lavine a far third on the list.

      The class of the draft is Marcus Smart and Dante Exum for the Point Guards.Zach Lavine has a less than 10 PPG average and less than 3 assists average.Well i draft Marcus Smart and Dante Exum over Zach Lavine any day.But a team in the late lottery at #12-14 should take a hard long look at Zach Lavine he might pan out and make a GM look smart.But you can’t measure heart if you could Marcus Smart has the biggest heart in this draft also Smart has great length and the best strength.If Marcus Smart slips to #7 wow.

      • LAstory

        Marcus Smart isn’t better than Zach bro… point ave in college doesn’t matter… look what Russell Westbrook ave at UCLA or Jordan at UNC… Marcus isn’t a lottery talent…and it will show in the work outs just like it did at the combine, he looked horrible..

      • SD

        Smart may be better overall right now as far as his #’s from college show. And his quickness/strength/hands will help him defend at the PG position in the NBA. That is a strong skill to have. Offensively, he needs quite a bit of work. He’s not nearly as savvy as say Napier..who I’d argue is the most NBA ready PG in this draft…it’s just his age. Smart will have a lot more to learn. It’s just a matter of if he has the aptitude/drive to do so. He won’t be a CP3 or Steph Curry or Westbrook. But he could be similar to a Jrue Holiday who came out of UCLA as a very raw player.

        Lavine, however, has the ability to play PG/SG with his height, speed, lenghth..and versatility is important. His upside is through the roof. Where he lands will likely determine how he develops. However, Lavine, to me, showed flashes of his court vision last year at UCLA. He can shoot the ball too. He’s also unselfish. Here’s a guy who could have really jacked up shots knowing he wanted to start and play PG, but he was mostly patient. He’s coachable. What separates him from a Gerald Green/JR Giddens/Shannon Brown is his ability to shoot the ball right now. Those guys had crazy verts but not quite the same combination of speed. Lavine IS a project but has star quality potential.

        I think in the right situation Lavine could be a much better player in 3 years than Smart. I think the Lakers would be a great fit. Lavine doesn’t have to start. He can be Kobe’s mentee. That situation would be great for him because he has the atheletic tools…he needs to learn a position. Kobe’s work ethic, footwork, etc. would be something Lavine needs to learn and could have the potential to learn playing behind Kobe. Smart just doesn’t have that same upside.

    • Adam404402

      I agree

    • Montel

      “The [Lakers are] interested,” Smart said. “I’ve seen that. They found out a little bit more about me – not just as a player, but as a person. They were very interested… I think it would be a good fit. They’re looking for a point guard. Someone that can come in and man that team and take control, and you know that’s the type of person I am. I’m a leader, and I feel like it would be a perfect fit.”


      • LAstory

        Kobe read that laughing out loud… “come in and man that team and take control”… Marcus Smart= Smush Parker….

        • comrade24

          i thought the same thing when i read his quote, but he’s got the drive and passion and work ethic that Kobe will love.

          • LAstory

            I can see Kobe appreciating that determination… with Rondo on the block, along with run in’s with the coach and Danny (skipped a game against the Kings and didn’t tell the team) Boston will be getting Marcus Smart trading Rondo.. the Boston fans will love Marcus’s approach to the game.

          • comrade24

            Well, hope you’re wrong about that. Buck Foston!

        • nlruizjr

          No one could be as bad as Smush and Smush couldn’t lead a pack of roaches to a donut shop !!!!

    • Max

      Zach Lavine is just a workout freak he is a D.J Stephens,D.J. Strawberry type of player.Great athlete but bad player.Zach Lavine is a poor mans Austin Rivers.Zach Lavine should be picked late first round or second round.

      • M T

        Seriously Vine is just getting picked so high bcz of his athleticism and potential…..he didn’t do anything at ucla. He warmed the bench and didn’t get solid minutes. It’s way to risky to pick hi simply bcz he has barely played college ball.

        • LAstory

          Last time I checked ALL of these prospects are judged on athleticism and potential.

  • Alvin

    My top 10 players based on talent and potential in this draft are.

    1.Marcus Smart NBA Comparison Dwayne Wade/Jason Kidd
    2.Joel Embiid NBA Comparison Hakeem Olajuwon/Tim Duncan
    3.Andrew Wiggins NBA Comparison Scottie Pippen/Vince Carter
    4.Aaron Gordon NBA Comparison Blake Griffin/Shawn Marion
    5.Jabari Parker NBA Comparison Alex English/George Gervin
    6.Dante Exum NBA Comparison Penny Hardaway/Kobe Bryant
    7.Zach Lavine NBA Comparison Kevin Johnson/Russell Westbrook
    8.Julius Randle NBA Comparison Zach Randolph/Derrick Coleman
    9.Noah Vonleh NBA Comparison J.J. Hickson/Horace Grant
    10.Dario Saric NBA Comparison Dino Radja/Kyle Singler

    • LAstory

      You think that Marcus Smart is more talented and has a high ceiling than JP, JE, AW and DE? and if so then Marcus should be the first overall pick?

      • Jay Brodes

        marcus smart did not impress me at all. nothing to do with the texas tech incident but IMO he went backwards this past year and cant shoot. can he develop a jumpshot..sure..most dont have it coming out anyway but there were game where he completely disappeared this year..that would worry me!

        • LAstory

          I don’t think Marcus Smart deserve to be a lottery pick.. he went backwards more than I thought he ever could, he cant shoot, to short at 6’2 to play the 2 and no point guard skills to play the 1… some compared him to jameer nelson.. but he wont even reach that level…maybe a Norris Cole guy….a guy to come off your bench for about 10 mins a game..

    • $20509373

      No way Smart has a higher ceiling than Wiggins or Embiid. And he darn sure doesn’t have more talent then them.

      • Jay Brodes

        speak the truth boss..i am in ur camp..i thought smart regressed this past year! no way i would even think about taking him before 11!

    • independentbynature

      The Cavs would be extremely stupid to pick Smart.But heh,they were stupid to pick Bennet last year.Word is,they are taking Embiid.Wiggins will go 2nd.I see Smart going 5th to Utah.No way Exum slips to 5th,either.LaVine is nowhere near good enough to go 7th.I’m a Bruins fan,but let’s get real here.

      • Jim213

        Not sure about that as you can say that Lavine and Exum are in a similar boat. Exum is a better penetrator inside than Lavine who needs to work on that craft tho Lavine is a better shooter and more athletic than Exum. Although, Exum has him beat defensively.

        Both will be a work in progress but given that Lavine’s seen more play (college) while Exum opted out he gets the nod over Lavine by many IMO. But it seems that both will need to add more weight as Exum remains adamant in playing the 1 in the NBA while Lavine’s mentioned he’s willing to play any position tho likely meaning the 1, 2, or 3 while capable of playing the 1 too.

        • independentbynature

          There is much more hype around Exum and he shined at the the combine.He will go long before LaVine,IMO.Who will be better down the road?I can’t say.

          • Jim213

            Yes, there’s more hype that doesn’t go with the scouting given his foreign play. Don’t get me wrong I’d take Exum over Lavine given his drive and defense. But there’s not much difference IMO tho I observe Lavine as a mixture of S Curry and Westbrook IF Lavine becomes a solid prospect which the same can be said for any of the top prospects.

            However, let’s take a look at some of the recent UCLA players in the league today Trevor Ariza (2004), Darren Collison (2009), Jordan Farmar (2006), Jrue Holliday (2009), Kevin Love (2008), Russell Westbrook (2008), IMO a better gamble for the Lakers depending on who’s available at 7th tho trading down should be considered for an extra pick but not past 11th in this year’s draft IMO.

          • independentbynature

            I remember when Westbrook came out.I didn’t think he was ready and I was very surprised he was taken as high as he was.That obviously worked out pretty well for OKC.So,it’s possible.

    • Kb24

      Embiid olajuwon or bigger ibaka,wiggins will be lebron or gerald green,parker cross of pierce melo,smart dwade,exum mcw hardaway,randle ceiling is higher than vonleh or gordon,vonleh bosh,gordon blake or faried,saric odom, zach lavine westbrook with no handle but with 3pt stroke still raw project, ennis steve nash with passing of cp3 almost 4 ast-TO RATIO

      • Jay Brodes

        best case embiid will grow into a smaller hakeem. worst case u get another thebeet. most likely a more polished offensive tyson chandler. i guess if i am cleveland i like those odds!

    • SD

      Lavine is significantly taller than Kevin Johnson and an inch or more taller than Westbrook. He’ll translate as a SG likely. I’d put Lavine as at worst

      Shannon Brown (super athlete, may not develop as expected on defense/offense, similar height, I think Lavine may be a better shooter, but Brown did shoot 39% from 3 his last year at michigan state, both can play point/shooting guard to some degree)…at best Lavine could be someone like…well sky is the limit. He has the kind of athleticism that you see very rarely especially with is ability to shoot and handle the ball. Wiggins has that crazy athleticism too, but his length makes him even better.

      I liked your Aaron Gordon thing. Shawn Marion is a very close example. Not so much Blake though unless Gordon grows.

  • meep

    i bet anyone would love to be a laker. but not all can be and sadly lavine wont get a chance unless lakers trade for 2 picks. who ever get him will have a great talent that still has alot to learn

  • independentbynature

    Gordon would be a good pick at #7.I’ve yet to see LaVine ranked that high on anyone’s draft board.I watched him at UCLA,as I’m a big Bruins fans.He’s good,but a little raw.I think he’s something of a project that will go later in the first round.

    • Badazztj12

      ill take Gordon or Noah

    • Jay Brodes

      i watched some bruins games especially at tourney time..thought kyle anderson was ucla’s best player! can play 2 or 3..built like reggie..plays similar role as say a scottie pippen no saying he is that yet. if u get a more polished trevor ariza i guess i can go with that!

      • independentbynature

        I agree.I thought Anderson was their best player,too.I don’t really get the talk about LaVine going this high in the draft.

  • The New Marty Blake

    Athleticism Test Analysis For 2014 NBA Draft Combine From NBA Draft Net.Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon Did Great Read This.

    Zach LaVine 33.5” no-step vert, 41.5” max vert, 10.42 lane agility, 3.19 sprint

    He showed flashes of rare athleticism during his freshman season and he did everything to back that up with his combine numbers. LaVine excelled at everything in the run and jump aspects of testing. Testing with the point guards, he came close to blowing them all out of the water, picking up the top lane agility at this years combine by over 1/3 of a second. Measuring out at around 6’6”, he still will need time to develop physically, though he flashed major upside with the numbers he had in Chicago.

    Aaron Gordon 32.5” no-step vert, 39.5” max vert, 10.81 lane agility, 3.27 sprint

    The combine was Gordon’s chance to shine and he showed the explosive ability that makes him such a threat around the rim. His near 40” vertical is huge for a PF prospect and the 10.81 lane agility drill only backs up the fantastic defensive work he put in during his lone season at Arizona. His sprint was not elite, though his conditioning and stamina both stand out over a full game situation. His offensive game is still a definite work in progress, though his numbers probably have teams loving the potential defensive versatility he could bring to the table.

    Marcus Smart 33” no-step vert, 36” max vert, 10.82 lane agility, 3.26 sprint

    Strength and toughness are Marcus Smart’s calling card, though some were curious whether his athleticism was up to par for a NBA PG. 33” standing vert is darn impressive amongst any position and his lane agility being sub-11 was a definite win. The length he was measured as having the day previous along with his lateral quickness, not to mention desire, must have helped the belief of Smart defending PG’s at the next level. Smart’s potential versatility as a defender at the guard position now has numbers to back it up.

  • VillainKing™

    I love to see the Lakers drafting Marcus Smart at 7th pick and play in L.A. Lakers..

  • Kb24

    Zach lavine is a 100percent project gordon is a project too,only parker is nba ready but in terms of UPSIDE AND CEILING OF COURSE ITS EMBIID I WOULD PICK HIM 1st IF HEALTHY IF NOT,i will PICK HIM IN TOP 3

    • M T

      You don’t have much knowledge if you think Jabari is the only nba ready player. I’ll prove you wrong by offering just one name: Marcus Smart. I’m sure you’re the typical fan bcz you only look at offense when saying some is nba ready. Is Jabari really nba ready on defense? You know, the other half of the court.

      • LAstory

        Yes Marcus is so NBA ready that he went back to school because he wasn’t ready and put up worse numbers percentage wise and shot worse than the previous year…Marcus is Jameer Nelson…

  • Kb24

    EMBIID IS FOR REAL GO ALL IN FOR HIM g r a n t l a n d . com click the triangle there is an interview about embiid,wiggins,parker,randle

  • Chippaz

    and Elfrid Payton

    Are the best players in this draft in no order Lavine and Gordon will take the longest to develope. I hope that Exum falls or we take Randle

    • SD

      especially gordon. Has no real anything on offense. Lavine mainly needs to gain weight. Learn a position. He has 2 things over gordon though…He can already shoot-has a good form and he can handle the ball well enough that he can get to the basket at will.

      • nlruizjr

        Blake Griffin was horrendous at offense his first year and has gotten a lot better at offense and defense, so I wouldn’t sell Gordon short, he looks faster than Griffin, maybe not as strong, yet but I believe he can bulk-up and improve his offensive skills.

        • SD

          I’m just saying as far as what position Gordon wants/should play. Some people are saying SF. Gordon can develop but…to me…he’s a much bigger project than Lavine because he’s a terrible FT shooter, has terrible form on his shots. I’d argue that as more of a true PF, Blake was okay. Bigs tend to have a much longer learning curve in the NBA. However, playing SF requires a lot more to learn as far as offensive skills. At best, Gordon is Shawn Marion-like and I think that would be very good, but guys like him and Lavine have “bustability” because they NEED to have great work ethic with all that they lack. I just think Lavine has less “bustability” lol

  • John

    Julius Randle – Sean Rooks, Marcus Smart – Smush Parker, Dante Exum – Shaun Livingston, Zach LaVine – Harold Miner,
    Aaron Gordon – Kenny Walker,
    Noah Vonleh – George Lunch;
    All Future NBA Lottery Bust Team

    • LAstory

      This could be very well true!!

  • John Wayne

    WTF most of all you guys dont know shit about basketball and are throwing some wild names out there. Understand basketball and then understand what the lakers need and do not be saying anything like Zach LaVine over Marcus Smart or Julius Randle. Gordon is also good. Those 3 only

    • JohnLame

      You stupid yo the team don’t got nothing for the future. They need young ballers at every position but but not like they draftin in the top five fool stfu cause you don’t know shit.

  • They call me Pringles

    If we are to draft Zach LaVine, the perfect coach for him would be Mark Jackson

  • tam


  • Frank

    Anyone remember Joe Alexander well he had some of the best workouts ever and the Bucks were so impressed they picked him #8 and yes he never amounted to anything in the NBA that didn’t workout at all for the Bucks a major bust player.Oh how about Kwame Brown and his workouts yeah that was a disaster first pick.Oh what about Jonathan Bender and his amazing workouts for the combine well that never panned out for the Pacers he busted out.Shane Larkin is actually similar to Zach Lavine they both need tons of work to be legit NBA players they might both be busts.

  • The New Marty Blake

    Last year these were the big numbers combine guys 2013.
    Shane Larkin 34.5″ no-step vert, 44″ max vert, 10.64 lane agility, 3.08 sprint, 12 bench reps

    Shane Larkin Players with a lack of size tend to make up for it in other ways and Larkin painted a picture of exactly how he managed to propel himself from relative unknown to a first round lock. Larkin posted numbers that might make Nate Robinson envious. Seeing what Nate did this year on the Bulls and his impact as a scorer, spark plug off the bench should only help Larkin’s standing. Though Shane does not possess a football build like Robinson, he still shows strength and toughness with his combine numbers. Speed kills in the NBA and this is a prospect who showed he has an ability to be a potential game changer with his athletic tools.

    Michael Carter Williams 31.5″ no-step vert, 41″ max vert, 10.68 lane agility, 3.22 sprint

    He threw down a few highlight dunks this season at Syracuse, though his max vert still seemed like a definite surprise. Carter-Williams athleticism may not be world class, it just makes his being a potential PG at the NBA level seem much more viable. He already displayed quick hands and some ability to penetrate, with his athletic testing numbers giving a sample of other possible things he could develop as far as his on-court ability. His shooting issues are still ever present, though he also displayed athleticism that have to be seen as a big positive.

  • The New Marty Blake

    Last Years combine numbers for Guard.

    Tim Hardaway Jr 31.5″ no-step vert, 37.5″ max vert, 10.68 lane agility, 3.25 sprint, 16 bench reps

    With the look of a prototypical NBA 2-guard, Hardaway Jr. posted athleticism numbers that went along with the visual. Not an explosive leaper, yet a very solid one while his agility does show something to work with. Also, his 16 bench reps tied him with Isaiah Canaan for the lead amongst guards. He was a name being brought up quite a bit during the combine and the testing only furthered the belief that Hardaway Jr. could go somewhere in the early 20’s, or possibly higher.

  • The New Marty Blake

    Workout warrior from 2013 Peyton Siva. Zach Lavine is better than Siva for sure.

    Peyton Siva 33.5″ no-step vert, 41.5″ max vert, 10.59 lane agility, 3.16 sprint, 15 bench reps

    One has to mention Peyton Siva as a winner here, even if it was not surprising to see his vertical being over 40″. He measured slightly taller than expected and while that still leaves a bit to be desired, it seems he has gained a great deal of strength during his time at Louisville. Siva has toughness and leadership ability, his inconsistent play had some questioning whether he truly did possess the elite athleticism to be drafted. His numbers seem to improve those odds.

  • carew10

    we need of a PG
    so:exum-smart or lavine!

  • Jay Brodes

    we got screwed with the ping pong balls for jabari..would love randle as i think he is the 2nd best player in the draft! gordon would be a steal at 7! might be a bit of a reach at 7 but i like kyle anderson a lot! he could play the 2 or the 3 handle the ball a bit.l iked his game a lot in this years tourney run! he showed me a lot from his frosh year!

  • SD

    I would take Zach Lavine with the 7th pick unless Randle fell there. I compare Lavine to Klay Thompson, and I think he has a bigger upside. It’s not because of skin color.

    When Klay came into the league, he was primarily a spot up shooter…much like Lavine was with UCLA. Klay was 21 at the draft combine. Lavine was 19. Those couple of years in college helped Klay learn to score better. He grew an inch or so and gained weight. During Klay’s freshman year at Washington State, he was also slight of frame and shorter (going into college he was 6’5 and 185 lbs). I think Lavine can/will grow a little more. They have similar measurements as far as wingspan. They can both shoot the lights out. They both have good shooting form. Lavine did really well shooting the nba 3 at the combine. Klay did as well. They also handle the ball pretty well, but both needed improvement in that area coming into the draft.

    What separates Lavine is his supreme athleticism paired with everything else that Klay can do as far as being a good set shooter. Lavine also can get to the basket quite easily. Like Klay, he’ll have to improve at taking contact going to the rim and his isolation moves. He’s a bit more ram than Klay, but being 19 in the league with all that potential could be great for his development.

    Lakers taking him ensures he gets to learn from Kobe-2nd best SG in nba history. top 5 player all time arguably. I think he’d be a great fit.

    • LAstory

      Pulled the numbers for Zach: That’s what he placed in strength and agility drills among 59 participants, doing so with — respectively — a 10.42-second lane agility drill, a 2.8-second shuttle run, a 3.19-second three-quarter sprint, a 33.5-inch standing vertical, and a 41.5-inch max vertical. No one else placed top-10 in all five… he killed them at the combine…and he will during the personal workouts…

      • SD

        Yep. He’s got a rare mix of speed, agility, and jumping ability that makes him especially intriguing. His height does too. At nearly 6’6 with shoes on. He can play PG/SG. Right now he has proven he can shoot the nba three. Very few players can do all those things coming out of college or high school. It’s why I’d pick him. Guys like Gerald Green/JR Giddens didn’t have that shooting touch or speed/agility which will help Lavine to get past his man and finish like an acrobat.

        • LAstory

          And he is a hard worker, I remember every coach at the time saying that J.R Giddens was a super star in the making, all he had to do was continue to work hard…and never did relied on his athleticism and now out of the NBA, Gerald same thing until he realized that he was almost out the NBA now the Suns have a baller… Zach is showing that he wants to be mentioned with the top guys and working hard to do so… if he shows it with his personal work outs you never know where he’ll go in the draft…maybe #7.

  • Mark Townes

    Im also a lifelong Bruin Fan, same as the Lakers and if we can just be “real” for a sec and stop drinking the Kool-Aid, both Lavine AND Anderson dont strike me as first rounders OR potential NBA stars. Just because you have a good college game, doesnt mean it translates to the Pros. Two Words.. Ed O’Bannon

  • Dale Frey

    Why do the Lakers want to trade the pick for a older player. We need to get younger