2014 NBA Draft: Lakers To Work Out Michigan State’s Gary Harris Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video For the first time in a decade, the Lakers have a need for a young shooting guard as Kobe Bryant is entering the la Please enable Javascript to watch this video For the first time in a decade, the Lakers have a need for a young shooting guard as Kobe Bryant is entering the la Rating: 0
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2014 NBA Draft: Lakers To Work Out Michigan State’s Gary Harris

For the first time in a decade, the Lakers have a need for a young shooting guard as Kobe Bryant is entering the last two years of his illustrious NBA career.

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An obvious place to find a replacement would be in this year’s NBA Draft, where the Lakers own the seventh pick. According to Comcast SportsNet, the Lakers will be working out one of the best in this draft class this week:

The lottery-projected shooting guard out of Michigan State Gary Harris is scheduled to work out for the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers during the first week of June, sources informed CSNNW.com.

It is unknown if Harris will be taking place in the massive workout the Lakers are putting together on June 4. That workout will include other guards like Marcus Smart, Nik Stauskas, and Zach LaVine and would really show where Harris stands among the top prospects in this draft.

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Harris is one of the top shooters in this draft class and would immediately help the Lakers in that department. He also has good athleticism that helps him finish at the rim. Most importantly, he’s a very good defender who can guard points and shooting guards. The Lakers need as many good defenders as they can get.

The Lakers will have a big decision to make on June 26 when they finally make their selection. Seven may be a little high for Harris, who is projected to go between 10-14, but with a trade of the draft pick always a possibility, anything is possible.

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  • Conner

    Lakers are working out just about anyone.They are wasting their time and money honestly since really they only need to workout Marcus Smart,Dante Exum,Julius Randle,Noah Vonleh,Aaron Gordon.THAT’S IT!

    • Tune

      It’d be ignorant to not give other players a shot. Do you know how many times great players have slipped further in a draft?

      • comrade24

        Not to mention there’s also the possibility that they trade down in the draft for multiple picks. I’m not advocating that, but its the only reason they would work out Harris.

        • Tune

          I wonder what about the possibility of nabbing Exum and the guy from Croatia. They both claimed they will force their way to LA by going overseas. Good chance a team doesn’t want to waste a first round pick if they’re willing to threaten that, not to mention they have been playing overseas making it not farfetched at all.

          • Chris Park

            Maybe possible for Dario Saric but apparently the media inflated Exum’s word that he “only wants to play for the Lakers”

          • Tune

            Ah, that’s a shame then. He’d be smart to do that though with Dario. Having Kobe, Exum, Dario, Gasol, and possibly Henry if he can develop enough (I can see him developing into a solid starter) or a free agent as our starting 5 would be a very strong comeback.

          • Badazztj12

            This team will have no interior defense(Dario). When will people learn a strong defensive team will go far into the playoffs.

          • Tune

            Well, reading the Draft report on him, his defense is improving and he has a strong work ethic. Sacre apparently wants to be a strong defensive center, so we could lose Gasol in favor of Sacre if he truly works hard enough. I can see Kobe and Henry or Lance and Kobe playing strongly on both ends of the court. I can also see Exum or Smart playing strongly on both ends of the court as well.

          • Badazztj12

            Yea he does have effort on D but he will easy get bullied in the post and will a liability on D because he does have the strength to hold strong PF’s in the NBA. He is just stretch 4 off the bench. I would rather have Smart than him but my favorite choice is Noah V

          • Tune

            I haven’t looked too much into Noah yet, but I have seen him projected to go 7. I’m hopeful for Exum, but I think we can get Smart. They both seem to have the right attitude and potential to be strong on both sides. I’m not too worried about Dario, bulking up isn’t too difficult. That’s something that can be done easier than teaching people work ethic, skill, and experience.

          • Badazztj12

            I don’t know too much about Smart work ethic, but Noah V has a great work ethic. Way better than Bynum ever was. He led the NCAA in rebounding and is a Defensive anchor on the court. He is decent post moves and can learn from Pau. I see more into Noah V than anyone besides the top 4 picks. Glad that Lakers said they like him

          • Tune

            I’ll look more into him when I have a chance, I heard good things about him, but haven’t had the chance to watch his scouting reports and see some actual film of him in-game. I like to watch games where plays go off and ones where they’re playing mediocre, gives a good feel of who they are. It’s one of the reasons I like players like Lance and WB, when their shots aren’t falling in they contribute in other ways. WB relentless attacks the net to draw fouls and Lance does more rebounding and playmaking by attacking the basket. Hate seeing players that kind of give up.

          • Badazztj12

            that’s true if we want to be back in leading the league in rebounding, our guards have to step up and rebound

  • Conner

    Lakers waste their time for good reason i am sure.Because they are the same team that was stupid enough to jump on hiring Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni.Now at least they are bringing in a few coaching candidates to pick out the best one possible.I just think the Lakers FO will finally pick the right player and hire the right coach.The Lakers have a great track record of winning championships by having the right players and coach.But that is now under major question since the last 2 coaching hires failed miserably and embarrassed the Lakers once untarnished name.Lets see who these guys draft and hire as coach.

    • Tune

      I have hope, it’s rumored Dr. Buss’ dying wish to his son was for Phil to not come back to LA with D’antoni being hired to bring back the showtime style of play. It was probably the best thing for this season with Kobe out to give the young players a chance to pretty much showcase their talent as well as improve on the offensive end considering most of them are bench players where defense isn’t the main concern.

  • Steve Morgenthaler

    Let’s not overreact to any of this now. The Lakers are just doing their homework. As the article theorized, there is a chance (though unlikely) that the Lakers could wind up trading for other draft choices. You never know — the draft is a crap shoot. A good player can be had later in the draft. Can Van Exel, Ginobli, etc. get an amen? LOL

    • DensieMorrisou

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  • Athens Petersen

    Coach Of The Lakers: Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy

    Kyrie Irving

    Jordan Farmar

    Kobe Bryant

    lance Stephenson

    Jodie Meeks

    Xavier Henry

    Carmelo Anthony

    Nick young

    Jordan Hill

    Josh Mcroberts or Ryan Kelly

    Spencer Hawes

    Pau Gasol

    Robert Sacre

    This is based on what I think the lakers should do and might be limited
    to. Also Based on trading the 7th pick for kyrie Irving and pulling off
    getting melo with a pay cut. Giving out mostly pay cuts like what the
    Miami Heat did with their whole team. This should work if management
    wants to win now and the players want to win it all. Mitch will need to
    be a lil lucky and super to pull this off

    • Chris Park

      Go back to NBA 2k14 jesus christ

  • Edward

    My top ten players doesn’t include Gary Harris.

    1.Andrew Wiggins
    2.Joel Embiid
    3.Marcus Smart
    4.Jabari Parker
    5.Dante Exum
    6.Noah Vonleh
    7.Aaron Gordon
    8.Julius Randle
    9.Zach Lavine
    10.James Young

    • comrade24

      not a bad list for the most part except i wouldn’t put Gordon above Randle and Exum should be higher.

    • billjohnson

      gary harris > james young. better ball IQ and a much better defender. gary’s ceiling is much higher.

  • VillainKing

    I can’t wait this coming June 26, 2014..I want to know which lottery player the Lakers will pick..I hope it is Marcus Smart at 7th pick…

    • Badazztj12

      I hope its Noah V

      • VillainKing

        Ok bro you want Noah Vonleh and I want Marcus Smart for the Lakers..

        • Badazztj12

          guess we gonna see on draft night lol

          • VillainKing

            Yeah we gonna see on the draft night LOL..

  • rik

    Lakers should pick marcus smart with the 7 pick then trade gasol to sactown for the 8th pick and pick aaron gordon.
    Next years lineup:
    PG: smart farmar nash
    SG: kobe henry bazemore
    SF: gordon young
    PF: Hill kelly
    C: Gortat sacre
    Coach: hollins
    Wow what a great defensive team. Grit n Grind in LA

    • devin

      The kings wouldnt ever do that trade lolol

    • Badazztj12

      I want whatever you smoking.

    • Lakers Realist

      To everyone that is coming up with sign and trades involving Pau… He’s an unrestricted free agent. You can’t just come up with a random team that we could sign and trade him to because he has the final say in the matter.

      • Badazztj12

        thx man tried of hearing that shit I mean damn learn more about the Nba before you make stupid comments

      • A Fan

        But I thought you CAN sign-and-trade unrestricted free agents? I mean, there were discussions of a Dwight Howard sign-and-trade to the Warriors last year which wasn’t done because GSW’s a divison rival. Or you can negotiate sign-and-trades but the Unrestricted FA has to agree ok that?

        • Lakers Realist

          Just because you can you stab yourself in the eye with a fork does that mean that you do? When an unrestricted FA is involved, they always have to agree with a potential sign-and-trade. That’s what makes them a free agent. They are free to sign with the suitor of their choosing, as long as the financials work out.

          • A Fan

            So I don’t see what’s wrong with coming up with sign-and-trade scenarios for Gasol since it’s possible anyway as long as Gasol gives his O.K.

          • Lakers Realist

            Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a daydream to think Pau Gasol wants to willingly go and play for the Sacramento Kings just to do the Lakers a favor. He wants to win another ring. He won’t sign with a team that isn’t going to be a playoff contender.

  • LakerForLifeNJ

    This Gary dude is actually good! I like his defense and his outside shooting.
    The way he dunk, is very similar with Shannon Brown, as both palm the ball before dunking. also, i like Gary’s style when shooting the ball. He jump..he hang a bit and then shoot. many other players, they release the ball on the way up.

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