2014 NBA Draft: Lakers To Work Out Indiana Forward Noah Vonleh On...

2014 NBA Draft: Lakers To Work Out Indiana Forward Noah Vonleh On June 4


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UPDATE: The Lakers will not only be working out Vonleh, but also Oklahoma State point guard Marcus Smart, another popular choice at number seven, according to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman:

The Los Angeles Lakers are under a lot of pressure to improve the team this off-season. In possession of a large amount of cap room, and the seventh pick in the draft, the team has some tools to do so.

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The Lakers could choose to trade their first-round draft pick for multiple assets, but if they choose to keep the selection, one player who is a possibility is Indiana freshman big man Noah Vonleh, who has already scheduled a workout with the team according to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman:

Vonleh is one of the most promising prospects in the draft. He is 6’9 with a massive wingspan of over 7’4 and one of the largest pair of hands ever measured at the NBA Pre-Draft Combine. He is an excellent rebounder and one of the youngest prospects in this class, so he has a lot of room to grow.

Vonleh is one of many prospects who has been linked to the Lakers at that seventh position. Along with Vonleh, Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, and Aaron Gordon are all possibilities, and the Lakers recently watched Gordon in a public work out.

The Lakers entire front line is set to hit free agency, and the return of guys like Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill are questionable at best. Vonleh isn’t one of the most NBA-ready prospects, but much like Utah’s Derrick Favors, he could become a top-notch player after a couple of years of developing.

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The Lakers will be sure to have Vonleh go through a number of different drills to make sure that he could fit in to this culture, and he will be a name to watch throughout this draft process.
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  • Badazztj12

    This guy is perfect for Lakers

    • Daniel

      totally agree, I just do not think he will be available. But that is what the lakers need, just someone tough in the middle. last year with Gasol, every single game was like having a parade going through the middle with nobody to stop them.

      • kookiebuger

        Plus he can spread the floor on top of his solid defense if he works on his low post game he can be a steal of the draft for the Lakers.

        • Badazztj12

          exactly man

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          He may be the real deal in this draft.. based on his advance defensive skills and his developing offensive potential…

        • justsaying

          Something that I think people underestimate is the player path and the organization he plays in, the players the trainers. Do you really think Kobe would be the same as he is now if he got drafted by the clippers and staid there for his first 9 years?

          how much it changed him that he were working with Shaq, phil, and the whole winning Lakers organization.

          To create a super star you need more than great genes, and work atheistic.

      • comrade24

        yeah, i’d like to not see scrub centers put up career high’s every other night.

    • Willie

      Draft Marcus Smart Lakers we need a game changer at the Point Guard position.Marcus Smart is like a shutdown cornerback in the NFL as in he will shutdown all opposing Point Guards with his great defense,in-fact Marcus Smart is the best on ball defender i have seen since The Glove Gary Payton.

      All young guys please google who Gary Payton is and you will find out he was a all time great defender.Marcus Smart has the heart of a champion and he gets to more 50/50 balls than any player i watched in the NCAA.

      I watched all of his games and Smart is a very good scorer and he can get past his man straight to the hoop for a easy hoop.He turns his defense into offense when he steals the ball and goes into jet mode to the hoop for a fast break transition score.He averages 3 steals a game and he seems to be getting more intense by the day and better at getting steals his defense is only getting better as he has a true passion for playing defense.

      These are his stats for last season,he is only a Sophomore 18 PPG. And 5.9 Rebounds also 4.8 Assists his PER is over 25 that’s incredible.

      • Badazztj12

        shoots about 42% from the field, shot only 29% from 3, only average 4.9 asts per game for a pg. Sure his defense is great but how is gonna at least try to get similar stats with these lower stats in the nba with these stats from college when the defense is better? Watch lakers draft Noah V

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Speaking of working well Marcus Smart recently worked out for the Lakers FO as GM Mitch Kupchak was on hand watching Marcus Smart workout.It was the first official NBA Pre Draft workout for Marcus Smart.I can’t believe nor understand how this Marcus Smart workout went under the radar?

      twc sports net…/Marcus-Smart works out for the Lakers Video.
      Backstage: Lakers
      2 days ago – The seventh pick in next month’s draft could be Oklahoma State guardMarcus Smart, who worked out for the Lakers.Watch the video it’s about 5 minutes long it’s a great short video from backstage Lakers.I want the Lakers to draft Marcus Smart we need a great Point Guard and Smart is a safe pick.

      • Badazztj12

        not really a safe pick he has a flopping problem and acts like a young KG with those techs he get.

  • Eddie

    Cool deal.He reminds me of a better version of Chris Bosh.

  • VillainKing™

    Marcus Smart!!

    • Jack

      Lol!! How many times; i have to tell that Marcus Smart will not fall to the 7th position?…Lool

      • VillainKing™

        LOL..Fuck You!!!are you sure are you a fortune teller no one knows what will be the draft order until it happens Marcus Smart can be available in 7th pick for the Lakers.wait this is my greetings for you Jack Fuck YOU so much…hehehehhe

      • keenanjen

        Smart is projected at 6 through 10, so yeah he will be there for the pick

  • Eazy

    Would prefer an NBA ready prospect or trade for a current top level free agent. I would only choose players who need development if thats all we can choose from.

  • $20509373

    He’d be a good pick if available. He’ll need some development, but that won’t matter since we’re rebuilding anyway.

  • Darius

    I hope the Lakers draft Marcus Smart he is a franchise player while Noah Vonleh looks like a project player not worth investing in Noah.Just another Jared Jeffries.

    • New power house

      Lakers will have one of these:
      Any of these bunch is a great pick. My gut feeling is that one of them is the real gem. Instant gratification!
      Noah? Gordon or Randall?
      Deng? Ariza?
      Smart or Lowry?

    • kookiebuger

      All the picks are projects plus the Lakers are rebuilding it doesn’t matter if it takes the team 2-4 years to work on his IQ, footwork, and post moves it will be worth it if they get a dominant 2 way big men.

  • Brandon

    Zach Lavine is complete trash.Okay yes Noah Vonleh is a excellent player.But just to b e clear i am a UCLA guy and i said it here first Zach Lavine sucks ass.Lavine couldn’t even start over piece of crap Alford’s lousy son.Be realistic Lavine fans stop being extremely delusional he is not a good player he sucks.His tournament stats are atrocious and he just sucks at basketball.Here is my top big board l ilove Noah Vonleh and Dante Exum,Marcus Smart in this loaded draft.

    Big board top 10.
    1.Dante Exum
    2.Andrew Wiggins
    3.Noah Vonleh
    4.Marcus Smart
    5.Joel Embiid
    6.Jabari Parker
    7.Julius Randle
    8.Aaron Gordon
    9.Doug McDermott
    10.Rodney Hood

    • DEAR LAL F.O.

      thats what LA will hope for that smart, parker, or embidd fall to pick 5 to 6 and even at pick 7.
      LA needs to load up on guards, its a guard dominant league now, guards that score and are play makers, smart is one of those, who can defend better in my opinion that kyrie irving, lowry, lillard, and Mike Conley.
      LAL for years never had a franchise combo guard, if only they lost the last 4 to 6 games of the season they could be looking at dante exum as their next star guard or smart. bigs are easy to get in the league but now LA in rebuild mode need to stack up on talented guards and hope they land a very good one in this years draft!!! trade for exum or draft smart!!!
      lionel hollins is so far the best coaching candidate, and bernie bickerstaff from last season, defense is the key not offense..

  • M T

    Sign and trade Pau, Nick, 2016 swap option, 2016 2nd, and maybe even Marshall to a 3rd team for Kings’ 8th pick since the Kings are shopping their pick for good vets. Draft Gordon and Noah with 7 and 8. Beat combo forward and hybrid big for now and the next decade+

    • comrade24

      you would send Pau Gasol to Sacramento? That’s cruel. No loyalty smh. Keep dreaming, Pau will not resign with us to be a trade chip. all these Gasol sign and trade scenarios are ridiculous.

      • M T

        It’s only ONE sign and trade scenario. Pau and nick would agree bcz they would still be in California, and LA is just less than an hour away by flight. You do not know how great it is to build through he draft. Having TWO lotto picks in a draft like this would be almost like okc status

        • comrade24

          Pau would never go for it. Why, when he’s a free agent and can choose to play anywhere he wants, would he go to Sacramento? he wants to play for a contender but would consider resigning out of loyalty to Kobe. Not a chance in hell he’d go for that.

          • M T

            I don’t think you realize how strong Kings would be next year if they have Nick and Pau. Thomas, Ben, Gay, Jason, DMC are the 1st unit. Ray, Nick, Evans/Williams, Pau are the 2nd unit. This team would make the playoffs.

          • comrade24

            Okay, so let’s just say that yeah, the Kings would be great next year with that lineup. Fine. So, if that’s the case, why in the HELL would we want to help Sacramento get better?!??!?!? They’re a pacific division rival. Anything that helps them hurts us, that’s why teams almost never trade within their division and really even within the conference. That’s why the Steve Nash trade was so shocking and rare. Divisional rivals never trade with each other.

          • M T

            You need to think outside of the box and do what’s rational, not what’s traditional(which is trading within division). If LA can get both GORDON and VONLEH, they will be beast for so many years while the Kings, with Pau and Nick, will only be good for a few years tops. This trade would help LA a ton more than Kings overall. You can’t deny this.

        • nlruizjr

          I seriously doubt that Gasol would want to go to Sacramento,plus you are giving way to much for a #8 pick. Mitch would not go for that either.

  • M T

    It annoys me how people constantly compare Noah to Bosh. Bosh is not a good defender, Noah is. Bosh is a bad rebounder; Noah is a great rebounder. Bosh has good post moves, but Noah doesn’t. It’s dumb that people say these 2 players are similar just bcz they both shoot from long range

    • Zimmeredge

      Actuel l’y bosh is a good agressive defender and a good rebound et. The problem is that in mia He’s playing center which is not is natural position. So he has to fight night in night out against biigger opponents. Same for his rebounding numbers. He could average +10rpg but the heat globaly are not meant to be good rebounding team. On offense the guys is like the third or fourth option. Man if he was the prime or second option on any team he could average 25/12 easily. But he sacrifices his game a lot to win trophies. If Pau does not resign and bosh is available we will go all in on bosh.
      Vonleh could have the same impact. They have the same size. The same impact on both ends of the floor. Good on rebound, can score in many different ways (inside perimeter and outside), good shot blocker. Are meant to defend against four but thanks to a huge wingspan, can also bother centers at Times.

  • KB24

    Please lakers trade 7 for love and martin(amnesty) trade future picks for any of the top 3,embiid my favorite,re sign pau 8mil per year same as deng,use nash to mentor payton(rondo comparison) nash can mentor him to be a better scorer and passer, nash cant teach D but that is what payton is know for playing D,rebounding,steals,scores a lil but much like rondo…perfect point guard for lakers payton,bryant,deng,love,embiid,pau,young,etc……b4 i forget jazz and celtics will pick randle and vonleh leaving smart or gordon

    • VillainKing™

      Your comments is impossible to happen BRO..Lakers must keep the pick..

    • Mathias


    • kookiebuger

      I doubt the Celtics will take a PF for the 3rd straight year, it’s unclear what the Jazz will do, and everything else you wrote is just something else.

  • Mathias

    Vonleh would be a nice pick up, so much potential. Really don’t think Smart will be available at 7 and I hope we don’t pick Aaron Gordon. Would rather Dario Saric than Gordon. However if Exum refuses to workout for anybody but the Lakers then that would be sweeeeet!

  • John

    Noah Vonleh is another George Lynch, he’ll just be a mediocre journeyman player in the NBA.

  • Gabe

    I don’t like Noah Vonleh i think the Lakers are using him as a smokescreen so they can get Marcus Smart.Because the Lakers are planning ahead they ultimately want to end up with a OKC type of roster in like 5 yrs.So they know Kevin Love is coming to the team next season through free agency.So they don’t need Julius Randle or Noah Vonleh since Love plays the same position as them.The Lakers need a point guard and a center from this draft so i look for the Lakers to draft Marcus Smart and to buy a second round pick to draft center Mitch McGary.

    My top point guards are these guys.
    1.Marcus Smart
    2.Dante Exum
    3.Tyler Ennis
    4.Shabazz Napierz
    5.Zach Lavine
    6.Jahdii Carson

  • jon

    Never heard of this guy lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    See when it comes to this draft i don’t really know exactly how it will play out.The way the draft plays out is how we will select at #7.

    #1 Cavs have the #1 pick they have a great PG Kyrie,SG Waiters,SF Needs Upgrade over Alonzo Gee,PF Anthony Bennett/Tristan Thompson? C Anderson V.? So they can go in many directions but PG,SG,PF won’t be the pick so it’s either Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid at #1.I am leaning towards Wiggins for the Cavs.

    #2 Bucks possible needs PG Brandon Knight,SG ?,SF ?,PF Henson,C Larry Sanders
    So they have a great young center Larry Sanders they will skip Joel Embiid they have a terrific young Point Guard Brandon Knight they won’t draft Smart or Exum.Jabari Parker is the pick here if Wiggins is off the draft board.

    #3 Sixers PG MCW,SG ?,SF?,PF Thadeus Young,Center Nerlens Noel
    Now it’s a shooting guard or small forward needed and both Wiggins and Jabari might be off the draft board that spells trouble for the Sixers.They will draft Joel Embiid if he is on the draft board then move Nerlens Noel to Power Forward since he has a skinny frame on him and then slide Thadeus Young to Small Forward and draft Joel Embiid as their new true Center.Creating a huge frontcourt.But they might also reach for Aaron Gordon here making him a small forward or they might draft Dante Exum and make him a shooting guard.This is where it gets unpredictable the Philly pick is in limbo if Wiggins,Jabari are gone.

    #4 Orlando PG Jameer Nelson?,SG Victor Oladipo,SF Tobias Harris,PF Andrew Nicholson ?,C Nikola Vucevic

    Now with Orlando a Point Guard we so covet might get taken off the board they need a Point Guard and they also need a Power Forward.My guess is they draft a Point Guard here mainly Dante Exum is probably selected here.But it’s possible they might fall in love with Noah Vonleh and draft him here and then select Zach Lavine or Tyler Ennis or Elfrid Payton with their next pick at #12.Since their are way more Point Guards in that 12 range than a great Power Forward prospect.I say it’s Dante Exum going here,we need a Point Guard badly.

    #5 Jazz PG Trey Burke SG Alex Burks SF Gordon Hayward PF Derrick Favors C Kanter?

    Utah can go in a number of different directions they need a better Center than Kanter and they can use a upgrade over Alex Burks possibly.My best guess is the Jazz select Noah Vonleh and they try to convert him to a Center like a Chris Bosh and they will also use him as a Power Forward when they need to rest Derrick Favors yes Vonleh doesn’t get past Utah.They will not draft a Point Guard they have Trey Burke a lottery pick from last season,he was All NBA Rookie first team and almost won rookie of the year plus he was college player of the year.So we still have a Point Guard on the board that we want Marcus Smart.That’s the way it is going to go IMO.

    #6 Celtics PG Rajon Rondo,SG Avery Bradley,SF Jeff Green,PF Jared Sullinger,C Kelly Olnyk

    Shooting Guard can use a upgrade here also Power Forward can use a upgrade and Small Forward can use depth.My guess is the Celtics draft either Julius Randle or Aaron Gordon right here at #6.Unless they are trading Rajon Rondo then their is no way the draft a Point Guard in the lottery especially when they can draft either Elfrid Payton or possibly Zach Lavine,Tyler Ennis,Shabazz Napier with their other pick at #17.My best guess is Julius Randle is going to be a Celtic.That’s a steal for them if they get Julius Randle.Seriously a Randle+Lavine draft would be amazing for the Celtics.

    #7 Lakers PG Steve Nash?,SG Kobe,SF ?,PF?,C?
    Yes the Lakers have the most holes of any team in this draft we don’t know who the players will be as we only have 3 players under contract currently.Nash is 40 years old and soon to be gone from the Lakers as his contract expires at the end of the season.Kendall Marshall is by no means a player that should be kept as the starter he showed he is too slow footed and a bad shooter from 2 point range and he is just not good on defense at all one of the worst defensively.So a Point Guard is a must at this position #7 it’s time to draft Smart.Yes Marcus Smart will be the Smart choice here as we need a Point Guard in the Point Guard driven league.Especially the Western Conference is loaded with Point Guards that are very good.Marcus Smart is a lockdown defensive player.

  • jesse0024

    We need a defender in the middle this guy is the only guy i see that can come in and help us KNOW in the defensive side like a serge ibaka

  • rik

    i think the lakers will still pick smart with the no.7 pick. they should trade pau to sacramento for the no.8 pick since they are shopping it and want a veteran.
    then the lakers pick aaron gordon with the no.8 pick
    PG: Smart/ farmar/ nash/ marshall ( he can get waived )
    SG: kobe/ bazemore
    SF: Gordon/ Young
    PF: Hawes/ hill / kelly
    C: Monroe/ sacre
    Coach: Lionel Hollins

    • $20509373

      Pau would never agree to a sign and trade to Sacramento.

  • roseducanna

    I like VONLEH.

  • numb1lakefan

    lakers fans all agree it comes down to smart or vonleh at #7 both needed for this roster but if you think like mitch your going to draft smart and go for bosh in FA who is a proven veteran and similar to vonleh

  • jesse0024

    Ide rather get marcus smart, hes tough guy physical guy reminds me og gary payton defensive and deron williams size. Needs to improve on his dribbling and hell be a great player hes my #1 pick in this draft. Ahead of exum and Wiggins

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    So what drills exactly measure a players’ ability to fit into a team’s culture? Especially when said team has no coach/culture?

  • RonniePee

    Please let’s stop saying that the lakers are rebuilding. That’s ridiculous!! It’s more like reloading. The Lakers are a team that’s accustomed to winning NOW. We don’t have 3-4 years to spend on a project draft pick. These young, one and done players will get abused in the NBA. Get a proven leader and winner and draft a 4 yr college player like Napier. The Lakers need a point guard that can defend and get to the basket. Napier is that player. Trade down!!! Napier will be around from around pick # 18 to pick # 26. Trading the #7 pick could yield a good veteran that could fit right in and contribute right away.