2014 NBA Draft: Lakers To Bring In Zach LaVine For Second Workout Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video This year's NBA Draft boasts a number of very intriguing prospects. With the Lakers armed with a lottery pick, the Please enable Javascript to watch this video This year's NBA Draft boasts a number of very intriguing prospects. With the Lakers armed with a lottery pick, the Rating: 0
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2014 NBA Draft: Lakers To Bring In Zach LaVine For Second Workout

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This year’s NBA Draft boasts a number of very intriguing prospects. With the Lakers armed with a lottery pick, the pressure is on for the team to pick the right player who can be a contributor for years to come.

The team is in the midst of their second round of workouts, inviting back players like Marcus Smart and Aaron Gordon for a second time today. They will have another private workout tomorrow, this time with UCLA guard Zach LaVine, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

LaVine’s stock has been rising and falling throughout the entire draft process. He is one of the most athletic players in the draft, and is a great shooter who can play both guard positions. However, he is very raw and still has a lot to learn, especially when it comes to playing the point guard position.

The fact that the Lakers are bringing him in for a second private workout shows that the team is very interested in what he could bring to the table.

Picking LaVine with the seventh pick may be a little bit of a reach, but if the Lakers were to make a trade and possibly move down a few spots in the draft, LaVine could be an excellent choice.
Lakers Most Likely Draft Candidates

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  • vdogg

    interesting. maybe the lakers are seriously considering trading down… this is where nash on the team next year would become valuable — his ability to teach smart, lavine, payton or whomever the finer points of playing PG would be his biggest contribution to the lakers.

    • Mike

      I love that idea of Nash being a teacher.But seriously did Nash even hang out with the young players off the court?Honestly i never hardly saw Steve Nash on the Lakers bench.Something tells me he was away from the Lakers team for most the last year.I have heard he was in Canada working out with his personal trainer for a good portion of the last year.But anyways if Nash is kind enough and wiling to teach or advise a young rookie Point Guard then that is a major bonus to the Lakers franchise.Well i hope so.

  • Kris

    We must be very serious about drafting Zach Lavine to hold a private workout closed to the media first of it’s kind this offseason for the Lakers.Randle had cameras rolling and media there.Lavine is a special talent and the Lakers are loving the guy so maybe it’s meant to be.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Westbrook was a gamble as Holland did not have much use for him offensively as it was mostly Kevin Love and Darren Collison, But look at him now. Lavine is raw but has a lot of confidence to declare himself in this draft. I think we will be a star in this league. I don’t think there was much thought of Klay Thompson playing the way he does now, but look at him now.

  • what

    Listen I think Zach is going to be one of the best if not the player in this draft everyone keep saying it’s a gamble to pick him but let me let you in on a secret all of the draft is a gamble all he needs is time to develop it took Kobe a couple of years to grow into what he is the Lakers need to draft Zach and let him grow stop thinking we are finding a savior in the draft to pair with Kobe we have the cap space to find that in free agency that way we will have the present and the future taking care of.

  • Jake Centeno

    There’s a rumor that the sixers could trade thaddeus young and 10th pick. Lakers could probably give up their 7th pick to move down a couple spots. I really want Marcus Smart on our team, but if he gets taken, I would consider a trade with the sixers if rumors are true. Young is pretty versatile and could be a good sf or pf. We get a sf or pf along drafting lavine for the pg. I guess that could be nice, but we’ll see.

  • PAC 12 FAN

    I saw the L.A. Times NBA mock draft today and they have the Lakers selecting Aaron Gordon at #7 and then they have Zach Lavine being drafted #23 by Utah.So if the Lakers can make this workout i would be happy select Aaron Gordon at #7 and then trade future picks and cash money $3 million dollars for the Bulls pick at #16 then we should select Zach Lavine at #16.That would make the Lakers super athletic by bringing in the Pac 12 Freshman to be the Lakers future.

  • Djoker7

    Seems like they have a plan to trade down. I’d go with Smart or Gordon at 7 if they are both there. But if it’s a choice of Julius Randle or trading down to get multiple picks in the 14-24 range, I’d do it. I’m not sold at all on Randle.

  • jeremy

    Lavine would be a fun pick. Laker could have a choice of making him a SG or pg.

    • Joseph Apohen

      He is another Klay Thompson!

  • Daniel Bogarin

    Hope lakers draft Aaron Gordon and than go out and get a mid teen pick to draft Zach Lavine or trade for him

    • Chrmngblly

      Now how do we do it?

  • M T

    Gordon is the answer. He brings elite defense
    from day 1, athleticism, ball handling, passing, a high IQ, hustle, great
    rebounding for his size, and a great work ethic. Who doesn’t like that unique,
    amazing blend of skills? His shooting isn’t a problem because that’s something
    that everyone improves with over time. We can’t expect most 18 year olds to
    have an nba jumper.

    Just a fun fact: Gordon is the YOUNGEST player
    in the draft, yet he had the HIGHEST defensive win shares in college. His team
    was also #1 in defense among the hundreds of colleges throughout the country.

    • Joseph Apohen

      He is another Dennis Rodman. Great defense, no offense.

      • M T

        clearly you don’t know much about offense if you say he doesn’t have offense. You probably only think of scoring when you think of offense. Gordon is a good ball handler for his size and is getting even better; he also is a smart passer and a great finisher at the rim. He knows how to set screens and play the pick and roll well. All that right there is also offense, and he is good at all that.

        yeah he won’t contribute 20+ppg, but he does all the things that you and the lens of the camera don’t focus on.

        • Joseph Apohen

          You’re telling something I already know.

  • Zimmeredge

    Well if we trade for thad young + 10 from philly it´s a normal process to have a second look at all those players.
    Let´s you get young and a point guard at ten or Gordon or embiid. Bring back gasol and the team is Ready to roll. Just have to focus on role players then.
    Ennis or payton might be available. Gordon of course. And embiid or vonleh.

    • Jim213

      Shoot FO might as well consider trading their pick for both Bulls first rounders. However, best to trade down slightly for either another first rounder or early second rounder. Although, if the Bulls are serious about getting rid of their first rounder (cap space) hopefully the Lakers end up buying another pick.

      Likely no picks next season so best to take advantage of the draft this season. Although, I’d consider buying a second round pick too. But if FO happens to go with Lavine it wouldn’t be a bad thing too given UCLAs recent history of players drafted in the first round,

      • Zimmeredge

        Yeah love and westbrook for exemple, Kylie Anderson seems a great player as well.
        Suns, Chicago and if the offer from philly is correct then we have a good duo coming into the team anyway.
        Thad young is a good all around player. He can do everything, defend, shoot rebound pass etc so he could be a great asset in the future and even a great trade bait for us.

  • TheMasterofAwesome

    This is stupid. If he’s our guy we should take him. Better talent than Exum just not hyped like the next Rubio. Id draft him 7th. He can shoot and is explosive. Potential super star!!!

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