2014 NBA Draft: Kansas’ Joel Embiid Reportedly Declares For The Draft

2014 NBA Draft: Kansas’ Joel Embiid Reportedly Declares For The Draft


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With the majority of the big-name players in college basketball already knocked out of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, the attention has turned to the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft and which players will declare themselves eligible to be drafted.

One player that has gotten a lot of attention over the course of the season has been center Joel Embiid of Kansas. All the attention was originally centered around Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins as a potential high draft pick, but Embiid emerged as a legitimate star in the making and quite possibly the number one overall pick in the upcoming draft.

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Embiid will enter the 2014 NBA Draft:

Kansas star Joel Embiid – a possible No. 1 overall choice – has decided to enter the June NBA draft, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Embiid could be the first of many top tier college players to declare in the coming weeks. Wiggins may also follow his teammate’s lead and also declare while there’s still no word on other top draft prospects like Jabari Parker (Duke), Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State) and Julius Randle (Kentucky).

Parker may have become the most unlikely to declare for the draft of the names mentioned above. Parker was clearly frustrated after Duke was upset by Mercer early in the 2014 NCAA Tournament and appeared to have more desire to return than to declare.

As for the rest of the top prospects, most believe the majority will be one-and-done and will enter the draft along with Australia’s Dante Exum. Of the promising young players mentioned, Exum has been linked to the Lakers the most thus far with the Australian phenom seen at many Lakers games this season and recently signing with Kobe Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka.
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  • atakan imren

    if we have a change to get him, let it be so if not no need to draft any other one,rather than give your draft pick for kevin love or rajon rondo.

    • Chrmngblly

      Lowrey over Rondo and Embiid over both, if healthy.

  • vdogg

    if embiid is healthy and is on the board when the lakers pick, they have to take him. if not, i’d take exum. personally i am not a huge fan of either parker or wiggins — i think there are good SFs to be had in FA (like trevor ariza). of all the players in this draft, i think exum and embiid have the most potential to be dominant stars. perhaps noah vonleh as well.

    • Jim213

      Embiid’s twitter reply: huh?… but Wojnarowski’s credible with his info

      The good thing about Embiid coming out is that it deepens the pool of potential prospects so if the Lakers end up selecting 3-5th in the draft they have a good chance of drafting a good potential prospect. Given what he’s mentioned in the past didn’t believe that he’d opted out this year but the numbers seem to good to pass up $$.

  • Tim

    Sorry, but Embiids back is a huge issue for me. He’s what? 19? And he already has back issues so much so that he was flown to LA to see a specialist for a 2nd opinion? That back of his in an 82gm regular season and the physicality of the NBA? People try to compare him to Anthony Davis but that is absurd. Davis in college was more fluid and moved the floor a lot better than Embiid, and his physique was more NBA-ready too while at Kentucky then. If Exum is on the board for the Lakers, I’ll take him before Embiid no question.

    • Chrmngblly

      Maybe so, but sometimes really big guys have growing pains. I love Exum, too, but I would like to have Lowrey if we can get him and move Kobe to the 3. Embiid if he is healthy, though. Athletic bigs are so hard to find. Other than Miami, who compensate for it, what champion has there been without a rim protector? We may have to go after Davis from OKC.

      I love Rob Sacre but I don’t know if he can grow into enough of a guy for us. Pau for now.

      • Rex

        Miami didn’t have what I would call a bona-fide and dedicated rim protector.

        • Chrmngblly

          As I said, they “group protect” with some fairly big guys. Rim protection is why MDA always fails. Champions can make stops.

  • Ken

    Go ahead and draft Sam Bowie II, and set the rebuilding process even further down the commode. The warning signs are out there already on Embiid. He’s nowhere near the athlete Anthony Davis was when he was in College. It’s not even close. Unless you have a big man that is so physically dominant and imposing and not a major red flag on him, then you draft him by all means. But if he’s an Oden, then you run like hell the other way.

    • Chrmngblly

      Get out your magic wand, we are going to need it.

  • Okafor

    Lakers better draft Joel Embiid he is the better than any center since Shaq.Describing Embiid as nimble,fast,fluid,post moves,dreamshake,fadeaway baseline jumper,dunking power similar to Hakeem Olajuwon,plays very hard,best player on the board #1 pick lock,injuries are okay doctor cleared him,best defensive big man since Dikembe,great rebounder,athletic,reads the defense,very coachable,fast learner.

  • Okafor

    Get Embiid please.African nations loves him.