2014 NBA Draft: Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins Will Declare For The Draft

2014 NBA Draft: Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins Will Declare For The Draft


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With the 2013-14 NBA season quickly coming to an end for the Los Angeles Lakers, the attention will turn to the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft. The Lakers will have a lottery pick in the upcoming draft with potentially quite a few talented prospects available for the taking.

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One draft prospect that will garner a lot of attention on draft night will be Andrew Wiggins of Kansas.

On Monday, Wiggins will announce his intends to enter the 2014 NBA Draft in a press conference according to ESPN:

Andrew Wiggins will announce he’s leaving Kansas after one season for the NBA at a news conference on Monday afternoon, sources told ESPN.com.

Along with Wiggins, there will be plenty of college players bound to draw a lot of attention on draft day on June 26. Wiggins will be near the top of the heap of draft prospects, but there will be competition for the top spot.

One of the players that will likely get consideration for the number one overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft is Jabari Parker of Duke. Although Parker has yet to announce he’s declaring for the draft, if he does, he’ll be one of the top players available.

Other players potentially available will be Julius Randle (Kentucky), Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State), Joel Embiid (Kansas) and Dante Exum (Australia) among many others. Randle has increased his draft stock by leading Kentucky into the Final Four, but may still go below the players mentioned above outside of Smart.

  • Jim213

    Likely go 1 or 2 in the draft but IMO not on Lakers radar if they end up selecting 3rd and beyond.


    with the 1st pick of 2014 nba draft the boston celtics select jabari parker frm duke university
    with the 2nd pick 2014 nba draft the los angeles lakers select Andrew Wiggins frm kansas university.. LAKERS and CELTICS WILL REVIVE gonna make some noise..parker ala paul pierce and andrew wiggins ala kobe bryant..NEW RIVALS pretty good :))

  • Chippaz

    1st Philadelphia Andrew Wiggins
    2nd Lakers Joel Embiid
    3rd Mikwaukee Jabari Parker
    4th Orlando Dante Exum
    5th Boston Julius Randle
    6th Sacramento Marcus Smart
    7th Utah Doug McDermott
    8th Cleveland Noah Vonleh
    9th Philadelphia Aaron Gordon

    • kobe24

      Nope nope nope, this would be great but Lakers are probably gonna end up with 5th-7th seed meaning either

      Randle/Gordon/Smart/Vonleh for us

      • Chippaz

        That’s why its a lottery 5th seed doesn’t mean 5th pick. Look at the draft history worst record never gets the 1st pick.

  • KOBE

    andrew wiggins LAKERS

  • Pfund Respect

    Andrew Wiggins is coming to the Lakers 100% guaranteed according to some people in the know.Saying Andrew Wiggins is the already a Laker is a safe bet.He will work out for the Lakers and he likely already has sent videos of himself.