2014 NBA Draft: Joel Embiid Tweets About Wanting To Live In L.A.

2014 NBA Draft: Joel Embiid Tweets About Wanting To Live In L.A.


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With the Los Angeles Lakers headed toward a high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft, the attention has turned to potential draft prospects.

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One of those prospects has expressed a desire to live in Los Angeles. Center Joel Embiid of Kansas may turn out to be the number one overall draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and seems to want to land in Los Angeles according to the following tweet:

One of the many perks of playing for the Lakers is living in the city of Los Angeles. Unlike many other major cities in the United States, Los Angeles offers anything a young and wealthy athlete like Embiid would want or need.

With that being said, Embiid won’t be the only player in the upcoming draft to show an interest in living in Los Angeles.

Another draft prospect that has also fell in love with Los Angeles appears to be Australian phenom Dante Exum. Rumors have been floating around that Exum may attempt to force his way to the Lakers in June.

Exum recently signed with Kobe Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka, and has been seen at a Laker game sitting alongside the popular NBA agent. Exum plans to sit down with Kobe in the near future in an attempt to receive advice and guidance from the five-time NBA champion who he’s admired from afar.

At this point in time, it’s hard to speculate which players will enter the draft and what draft position the Lakers will end up having come June. Most believe the Lakers will end up with a top five pick putting them in play for Embiid or Exum if available.

Both players could be potential game-changers in the future with Exum receiving comparisons to a young Michael Jordan and Embiid receiving a similar comparison to Hakeem Olajuwon. Although it’s early, these two could be headed to Los Angeles in the near future with hope of one of the two helping turn the franchise around.
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  • vdogg

    i would love embiid to be living in LA and protecting the paint for the lakers.. fingers crossed.

    • Marty Susman


      • BULLY

        That’s what the Lakers need!!! a rim protector, athletic, block shots and a center that have great foot work!! he is all of the above!!!! we have to get him.. I would be pick Exum second that young man have all the talent and fundamental to grow into the next kobe/mj

  • $20509373

    Rather have Wiggins. Him learning under Kobe for 2 years would be awesome.

    • DJ

      Dante Exum imo would be better… though I would not be opposed to AW in Purp&Gold…

    • Marty Susman

      I agree

  • Reggie

    Please draft Joel Embiid.I personally would love Embiid to be a Lakers player.

  • Phil

    I love big men that can play in the triangle similar to Shaq and yes Embiid is perfect.

    • Marty Susman

      Ah, no triangle

      • BULLY

        do not need phil to run the triangle.

  • Badeng

    Contrary to what other people say, the Lakers is still the most coveted team to play in. Especially now that Kobe has, at the most 2 more seasons left before he hangs up his number. With the team searching for the next superstar, the floor is open to anyone with the balls and talent to make it big! So, come on over!

    • Marty Susman

      OUR biggest mistake of the rebuilding, $48,000,000 to an old, used up, half crippled player who is only concerned now with making money to replace the amount lost in his divorce at the expense of the teams future…

      • vdogg

        umm, you clearly know nothing about kobe’s life or the lakers franchise. BE GONE

      • Marty Susman

        I am not concerned with the money the league or the Lakers can make off of shoe’s… I am only interested in the team & it’s future and Kobe is NOT GOING to be part of that….He has been GREAT BUT it’s over guys, simply over…

      • Shannon

        Lakers Nation have voted and you have been kicked off. You are no longer apart of the Lakers family. BYE FELICIA!

      • quickster007

        I agree, Kobe, Pau, Nash are injury prone. They are senior citizens by NBA standards. Their glory days are over. They are on cash collecting mode. The Lakers should not resign Pau and let him walk. 19 millions off the books, Nash 9 millions off the books. Draft Joel Embiid to play center. Have Kareem teach him the sky hook along with Robert Sacre. Try to get Kevin Love to play the power forward spot. Kobe without Phil Jackson as a coach wouldn’t win those rings. He is too selfish. Has he won anything since Phil left. Nope. The Lakers shouldn’t have sign him. It makes rebuilding a little quicker. Nobody can play with Kobe unless you agree with him and suck up to him.

        • vdogg

          you’re not a laker fan. head over to the clippers website. more your speed.

          • Eddie Hernandez

            i agree this vdogg and quickster007 need to jump on that clipper ship that is going nowhere!!

          • BULLY

            hahahaha thank you Vdogg

        • Marty Susman

          I agree

          • Tim

            Get out Marty you know nothing you have lost the right to speak of the lakers idiots don’t have a voice

          • Marty Susman

            Tim a great Collage coach once said, “When I die let them bury me upside down & you Tim can come & kiss my ass”… Now I don’t usually speak like that but people like you without the common sense to understand Basketball is a game, a pastime at times need to get your head out of you know where and except that YOU ARE NOT A BASKETBALL GM and as such, you know as much or as little as the rest of the fan’s….OH, by the way I have been going to games, a Laker fan since they moved here, you I would guess are a young kid who sit’s in the nose bleed’s when you go, so kiss off and allow everyone to have their own thoughts and opinion’s…..

      • TomK

        Yea, OUR biggest mistake, like you paid the money, that’s rich, you probably haven’t paid for anything in your life, and how much do you think the Buss family made off the Kobe years? Answer, 10X or more the amount they paid him. Your just another old, used up, lame, Kobe Hater, who’s only concerned with getting attention to replace the attention you lost from your wife because you couldn’t perform in bed.

        • Marty Susman

          wellTom you sure as hell have shown us all what :”WHITE TRAILER PRASH IS LIKE”. YOU PIECE OF SHIT HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT ME OR MY FAMILY. Garbage like you are whats wrong with this dumbed down nation of right wing republican religious jack ass’s who because they have no real brains point to bullshit when they talk…FUCK YOU TOM & by the way you shit head, you could not be more wrong about that & the rest of your thinking.

        • Marty Susman

          EVERYONE NEEDS to see who you really are you bigoted shit head, here are your own words, think the black players on the ten will love you,

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          Thomas Klein • 2 months ago

          Barbie, ARE YOU STILL TROLLIN ? I thought you would have moved to Cuba, or North Korea by now, after all, they HAVE the perfect society you condone that we should become. What’s that, your not moving……. I didn’t think so,…. so STFU !

          Discussion on The Last Resistance

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          Thomas Klein • 2 months ago

          He gets away with it because he can, he’s the highest law enforcement officer in the land, unless the President relieves him, (which is unlikely ) he can’t be touched, and he knows it.

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      • BULLY

        giving 48mil to the face of the organization for the next two years did not hurt the Lakers not one bit, especially when the Lakers are clearly looking to rebuild in the 2015 free agency .. who are people trying to give 48mill too? Carmelo? hahaha no thank you. there is no one in the 2014 free agency market we want.. we need! not for 48mill why not give it to Kobe! its the right time. he will never see that much from the Lakers again! I promise you that. Good job giving him the money and at the right time! 2015 lets goo*along with Embiid or Exum***

        • Marty Susman


      • Dragon7s

        Allow me to enlighten you…
        1. Kobe would have been one of the top FA’s next season and as such would have commanded at least as much as he resigned for from another team.
        2. He took a huge paycut considering that he made 30+mil this season was entitled to a 12.5% raise next season.
        3. Kobe’s ability to adapt to age, game situations, injuries, etc make him more valuable than virtually any player in the league not named Lebron or Durant.

        Haters gonna hate…only REAL Laker fans allowed here.

        Go back to Clipper Nation and hope they can get past the 2nd round for only the 2nd time in franchise history…lol

        • Marty Susman

          I am just amazed at “some” of the folks on this site…Where on earth have the attitudes of “You are not allowed to doubt Kobe’ come from ??? How is it that as far as I am concerned, someone that has been following the Lakers since they moved to Los Angeles, at the game where Jerry West made the half court shot, watched the “hot dog kid Kobe” fat year, at the three overtime playoff game & so n, who sys I am not allowed to have thoughts that differ from yours ?? To hear some of you talk the team does not need a GM, hell just follow you all with your giant ego’s & massive basketball brains, Jimmy Buss can save Mitch’s money, ask you guys what to do which who & when. After all you are all GENIUSES and everyone who just might think differently are jack ass’s & should not be allowed to even se the games…..Dragon7s, I have no clue who, how old, where or anything else about you but I have a feeling you might be young man, don’t go thorough life trying to STOP other people from thinking, rather listen to everyone, her what everyone has to say, think about what they say and maybe, just maybe you will nd up in the end being a little wiser then you were when you started….(I Hate the Clips other then CP3 & Doc Rivers)

    • Chrmngblly

      I hope Kobe has more than two more seasons left so he can teach the new kids for a while. I hope he gets wise as he slows down and learns to lead from the rear. Let a couple young phoenoms go for the glory. Become like Duncan.

  • cyborgspider

    This article doesn’t say WHY he was in LA in the first place. Embiid was getting his injured back checked out by a specialist. A 7 footer with back problems before he turns 20? Doesn’t that raise a flag?

    • $20509373

      You hit the nail on the head. Embiid is fools gold.

    • Marty Susman

      I didn;t know that.

      • Eddie Hernandez

        sounded like you knew it all…you stated you have been a Laker fan since god made dirt. Stop quoting Bob Knight because even coach Knight would not call Kobe a cripple if he were his star player! You call yourself a fan…Laker Nation doesn’t need you or want you BEAT IT!!

    • TomK

      Yea , and injuring your back, and chronic back problems are always the same thing right………Truth is almost EVERY professional basketball player has had his back worked on at one time or another.

  • Tyson

    I’d stay away from this guy like the plague. His troublesome back, and he’s only 19 or so, is as big a red flag there is. He’s here in LA to get a 2nd opinion on his back.

  • GMAN

    can we get embiid and exum any way possible

    • Chippaz

      Exum in 2014 and a Embiid when declares for the draft in 2015

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        We don’t have a 2015 draft pick.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Somehow draft Embiid. Have Exum refuse to sign with the team that drafts him, sign a contract in Europe, have the Lakers buy him out. (Not sure if that’s how the rules work, though.)

  • lakerfan323

    well think of it like this there aren’t any big men available either way whos going to defend the paint for us if gasol doesnt resign? we need to get embiid

    • Snowman

      Gasol protects the paint??? If you need someone to protect as well as he and the Lakers have been doing this season, I’m available next year for the league minimum. lol

    • Heath

      Pau has never defended the paint. His deficiency was for the most part covered up by Bynum (when he’s upright and healthy), Odom, Artest, and Kobe.

  • Kay Carter

    His back problems is a big concern for me, but then again look at Howard when he had back issues. He still was putting up good #’s nd still plays good….i think we should draft Embiid, if he’s available

    Then we need to get a coach who appreciates big men like Embiid and help train him, also have Kareem mentor him. For the love of God lets get him

    Irving, Kobe, Ariza, Love, Embiid would be my dream team of the future, then get some1 to take Kobe spot, Like Meeks or Young

  • zenmaster

    gasol x embiid = beast. imagine if we had a decent pg + kobe + luol deng + gasol, embiid. length & defense = championship run.

    • Terrell

      Gasol doesn’t play defense. As for Kobe, he was a great defender, but anybody who has watched the past 3 or so seasons will see that Kobe’s defense has fallen off.

      • Daniel Rubio Francisco

        The reason why Kobe’s defense has fallen off is because he was the one carrying the offensive load lacking from his teammates.

  • 3339

    If we drafted Embiid and managed to sign Love, nobody would get a rebound on us lol

  • deandresims

    I like Exum, the league is more guard dominated than ever. He can play 2 spots and I like him being around #24 for 2 seasons.

  • Cali Jeff

    We really need both those guys and Love to turn this thing around, make it happen guys!

  • Anthony

    If the Lakers want Embiid, they need to fire D’Antoni, because D’Antoni does not know how to use anyone taller than 6′ 7″.

  • Kingiengi Mazina

    Hello,TrueLaKERS FAN,Kobe bryant sorry Mr Bryant will bring back a title or maybe 2 more titles before retiring ,i will show you and explain how ok,NUMBER 24 will make haters love him and see the greatness in him,how it will go, starters lineup next seasons:point guard dante exum,Shooting guard:Kobe,smallForward:xavier or young,powerforward:gasol and centre:Embiid, Reserve:kandal or Farmer shooting guard:meeks or brooks smallforward:r.kellyor wesley johnson or bazemore and center:sacre This is for the 2014-15 seasons how embiid and exum will be draft by La this is how it will go down they will be some trade like gasol will be traded ,hill will be and Kaman as well both of them its logig they want to learn from the best players that is KB24 (HIS NOT DONE YET,NOBODY CANT TELL ANYONE THAT YOU CANT DO SOMETHING THAT YOUR HEART KNOWS THAT YOU CAN DO IT ) KB24 will earn his respect And 2015-2016 one of those players will have KEVIN LOVE OR……..I will be a LAKERS for life because is a GREAT ORGANISATION and GREAT PLAYERS goes there starting by:Jerry west and so thanks for reading

    • Tim

      Hate to break it to you but we only have one draft pick…dumbass

      • Kingiengi Mazina

        i know that but a player can force in a trade like kobe did or sit out play for the international league and can be sign from there who s the dumbass now not need to have two

  • KB24_KD35

    Actually WE CAN DRAFT BOTH EMBIID(priority) AND EXUM—-HOW? If we can secure the 4th worst record in the league,we have 12% chance to draft embiid or draft exum who is projected to be a top 4 pick if we could draft embiid, lets trade our 2019 and 2021 pick unprotected, 3 right to swaps and 3 2nd rounders for the rights to exum…….TAKE NOTE we can only trade our 2021 1st rd. pick after the draft night or before the next season starts IMAGINE. EXUM-BRYANT-DENG/ARIZA-LOVE-EMBIID (love-offense and rebs. Embiid-offense and DEFENSE) they can cover the weaknesses of each other BENCH MOB: nash,farmar,xavier,young(22mil./4yr),wes,baze,HILL,ODOM,SACRE.

    • Nxtgen


    • $20509373

      No team is trading a top 5 pick this year. We’re only getting one player and hopefully it’s Wiggins. Besides, no player is worth trading all of that. Protected picks or not.

      • Chippaz

        Wiggins < Exum

        1. Embiid
        2. Exum
        3. Parker

        • $20509373

          Only time will tell. But if we have a chance to draft Wiggins and pass him up we will surely regret it.


    WOW! Some people really no nothing about basketball on here. Get rid of kobe? LMAO “KOBE BRYANT IS THE GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME OF BASKETBALL” he can be 50 and still play better then most the chumps playing in the nba. In order for the Lakers to win they have to first fire d’antoni. Then hire Phil Jackson the greatest coach of all time! Third they have to get rid of Nash, Pau and Sacre I think that’s it can’t remember anybody else. Whatever pick the lakers will be a good one because it’s the best draft in a while and the lakers best pick in over a decade. With kobe along side of a rookie, he will lead and guide him to become a great player. Finally if the lakers want to win soon they have to get kevin love the best power forward in the game.

  • Keyser Söze

    y’all want LA but we can’t draft everyone


    Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers, Embiid to Lakers


    I will say this, if we not able to get Embiid due to him not coming out of the draft, or another team has taken him, I would not mind Exum.. my gosh that young man can play! remind me a lot of Kobe and he’s STILL LEARNING!!!! I can also see the crowd screaming his name ..X X X X X X X … cant go wrong with neither of them

  • kobe24

    @djjeremiahj:disqus interesting haven’t thought of that, shouldn’t cost the Lakers to much, seeing that Lakers probably won’t get Embiid (although it would be great)