2014 NBA Draft: Joel Embiid Injures Foot In Workout, Possibly Broken

2014 NBA Draft: Joel Embiid Injures Foot In Workout, Possibly Broken


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UPDATE (6/19 12:10 PM): Embiid has suffered a stress fracture in his right foot and will have surgery according to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski:

The NBA Draft is one week away and just when things were starting to get sorted out, everything was thrown off by one foot.

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ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reports that Kansas center Joel Embiid has injured his foot in a workout:

Embiid was already coming off a back injury that ended his only season at Kansas, so another injury in workouts basically ends any possibility of him going first overall. Now the question is how far will Embiid fall?

No one is quite sure and with Greg Oden fresh in everyone’s minds, many teams are likely to be extremely wary of taking the big man despite his immense potential. But Embiid’s agent Arn Tellum is already working on getting his client to a big-time franchise according to ESPN’s Bill Simmons:

The possibility of Embiid being available at seven is something no Lakers executive believed would happen, but now it must be evaluated. Julius Randle just had an excellent workout for the team and the Lakers loved what Marcus Smart showed them a couple of weeks ago, even inviting him in for a second workout tomorrow.

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But Embiid dropping means those players could move up. It could be difficult to pass up someone as talented as Embiid if he falls in the Lakers’ lap. Everything is a possibility right now.
Lakers Most Likely Draft Candidates

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  • Will

    Great Prospect. Would be a steal at 7 but

    Red. Flags. Everywhere.

    • kookiebuger

      At a weak position, he might not live up to his Hakeem potential but if he is half as good will dominant the NBA for years to come as long as he stays healthy.

      • Jim213

        Brought up months back being health is the #1 concern. However if FO decided to draft down (slightly) and if available it’d be worth a gamble. Possibly the next Greg Oden tho with better fundamentals IMO.

        • kookiebuger

          The Lakers shouldn’t rush him if he needs an extra 2-3 months sit him but Randle had a fracture while in high school and had a screw inserted, which is likely going to be the same procedure for Emiid, it’s a bit concerning but if they draft by potential and he’s available go for it he should make an instant impact on rim protection and rebounding if he falls to the Lakers.

  • Jim

    True,at least Andre Drummond had questionable work ethic but was a freak of nature,this guy screams Oden/Bowie etc

  • LakersGetPG24

    You guys are tripping, no question if he drops grab him

  • SierraM363

    I wouldn’t worry about drafting him. The Celtics won’t let him get past 6.

  • David

    This is unfortunate for the Lakers; Randle is a sure lock productive and a potential all star. Now with Embiid injury he is most likely available instead of Randle. What a mess.

    • David

      Also the Lakers would have to gamble on Embiid there because of the upside and the drop off in talent after Embiid if he is taken at 7.

    • kookiebuger

      I wouldn’t call an undersized PF who plays under the him a “sure lock productive player”.

      • wangkon936

        I don’t think David has seen a single UK game this year. Randle was getting shots blocked all the time and had players who would never make it to the NBA drive past him for a dunk or layup.

      • David

        Good! If that is the perception of most basketball minds alike then Randle would be available by the Lakers and FO will have no other choice but draft him., they will not be sorry. You will watch and learn, Wiggins will be one of the most likely bust along with Embiid. We shall soon see in 6 months.

        • kookiebuger

          Randle is undersized like Griffin but Griffin makes up for it with his insane athleticism Randle on the other hand isn’t jumping out the gym like Blake with a lackluster offensive game in college he basically played bully ball in college, the footage I’ve seen from him in high school is much better but that’s high school with easier competition.

  • Terrell

    Sorry..a leaky back and now a problematic foot?! No Freakin thanks. Any GM who drafts him better have moving boxes ready because he will be out of a job in a few years when he goes bust. Besides, he wasn’t all that dominant in College. I saw Kansas take on Ok. St. and all game long, Marcus Smart was taking it to him, and it was Embiid who was getting knocked back several feet and at times to the floor. It’s ridiculous how he’s drawing comarisons to Olajuwon and even Anthony Davis. Embiid wasn’t the dominant force Anthony Davis was in college, and Davis had no physical red flags on him whatsoever.

    • kookiebuger

      He had 1 back injury and now a foot injury which is common, the talent is all there it’s just a matter of him putting it all together.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    we want…

  • meep

    at this rate taking him will be a big risk. im not sure ill waste a pick on a risk. lakers need players bad

  • Dana

    It’s the silly season. You guys are high. Zero chance Embiid falls to 7. But please continue running around hyperventilating over every whacked out rumor someone with a mandatory word count spews at you.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Injuries can be a bad thing coming into the NBA with a assortment of injuries can spell doom as we have seen Sam Bowie,Greg Oden have promising careers ended because of injury.

    Then their has been successful players break a foot or crack a knee during their rookie season Michael Jordan and Blake Griffin both had major injuries in their rookie seasons.

    Many other players had injury questions coming into the NBA and they have done great like Kyrie Irving but he has dealt with injuries also maybe Joel Embiid really wants to be a Laker and his injury is not as bad but we will not know until draft night,considering what will be on the draft board drafting Joel Embiid is something the Lakers would for sure consider at #7.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Well, based on this rumor it’s not “no team will want him until 7”, its that his agent will try to maneuver to get him to a big time franchise. Those two happen to be at #6 and #7.

    I’m still high on Marcus Smart, but if Embiid were available, we’d be fools not to take a serious look. If you could get him healthy, he could take care of that interior presence. Sign Lowry and Deng. And we could be in a good spot.

    • Chrmngblly

      I doubt he makes it to #7, too. Most likely this just changes the order a little. Would Utah take him over Vonleh or Boston over Gordon? Probably. All these draft picks are a roll of the dice anyway. If he falls to us, we need to take him. What do we do if we have to choose between Embiid and Exum?

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        I’d think of it like this: is it easier to find a good PG, or a good C? Whichever is tougher to find, all things equal, we go that route.

        • Chrmngblly

          The bigger the player, the rarer they are—same as in nature.

  • independentbynature

    It sure would be nice to see Embiid still on the board when the Lakers pick.It would be a steal.It will never happen,though.Broken foot or not.

  • M T

    NEVER bank on a guy with questionable durability problems no matter HOW good he is! His current injury isn’t a big deal; the problem is how can he stay healthy and durable if he’s already getting messed up as a teenager. I don’t care if he was supposed to be the best player ever if he can’t play.

    And don’t even think of Randle….can’t play defense, only plays one position, plays bad defense, can’t play SF or C, doesn’t even score that much to make up for his bad defense, and oh he also has bad defense.

    Gordon is the answer. He brings elite defense from day 1, athleticism, ball handling, passing, a high IQ, hustle, great rebounding for his size, and a great work ethic. Who doesn’t like that unique, amazing blend of skills? His shooting isn’t a problem because that’s something that everyone improves with over time. We can’t expect most 18 year olds to have an nba jumper.

    Just a fun fact: Gordon is the YOUNGEST player in the draft, yet he had the HIGHEST defensive win shares in college. His team was also #1 in defense among the hundreds of colleges throughout the country. Coincidence?

    • laker

      man you just change my perspective and opinion from Randle to Gordon.
      It is unlikely that the Lakers will draft him up but the Celtics. If that happens,the Lakers might draft Marcus Smart.

      • M T

        I am so glad that I made an impact on another fan, but Gordon will make an even bigger impact!

  • 3339

    Parker/Wiggins are 1-2 for sure now. Whats interesting is what Philly does. They have MCW, so i can’t see Exum going here (unless they ship out MCW), and won’t draft an injured center with Noel on the roster. Sixers should be looking for a trade. Maybe a team that really wants Exum trades with them.
    It could be really tough to pass on Embiid if he is there at 7 but Lakers might be sold on someone else already.

    • Chris Park

      I’ve heard that 76ers might be looking to ship MCW in order to accommodate Dante Exum.

  • David Salinas

    Broken foot? Ha. Yeah right. That’s the story he’s selling to end up in Laker Land. Who in their rightmind, after a few workouts with the worst team in NBA that, never produces championships, would want to be drafted there? This Embiid character is a wise fellow. He knows how and who he wants to start his career with… #LakerNation

    • Badazztj12


    • Chrmngblly

      No. The doctor’s reports all get out.

  • line start finish

    Kenyon Martin and Jason Kidd had a broken foot coming into the NBA Draft they did fine in the NBA.Also our very own Ryan Kelly had a broken foot and we still drafted him and he was a solid contributor for us.If Joel Embiid is available at number 7 the Lakers will have Adam Silver sprint to the podium to announce they have selected Joel Embiid guaranteed they take him if available.

    • meep

      but that just a foot did kelly, kidd and martin have back problems too

      • Badazztj12

        They said his workouts was impressing and the cavs was already gonna pick him until this happen

  • wangkon936

    The basketball gods saith: “beware of brittle big men.”

    Having said that, if he falls to #7, I say the Lakers take him!

  • Terrence

    Stress fracture in the foot is never good long-term for big men. This means Vonleh’s definitely no longer going to be there at 7. The only other 7-footer in this draft has high foot arches also, making him more vulnerable to stress fractures. This moves Exum up to three in my opinion. We’re looking at Smart, Randle, or Gordon and Randle’s another guy with foot issues.

    • BULLY

      Vonleh was never 7 ft anyway.. if you want a big man its either Embiid or Randall and even Randall is a PF.. if he falls we should take him with no questions asked!

      • Zimmeredge

        Randle is smaller than vonleh. Vonleh is 6’10 and almost a 9′ standing reach if i’m correct.

      • Terrence

        I never said Vonleh was a 7 footer. Vonleh is a younger and cheaper Chris Bosh which would fit nicely in a spread offense

  • meep

    let forget about the foot, that just one small thing compare to the bigger issue is his back problem. having back problems is no joke. just look at luke once a decent role player was never the same once he starting getting back problems. just like bad knees i wouldnnt mess with a guy with a bad back. if he does fall to the lakers that a huge risk to take and im not sure it worth it



  • Alex


  • Badazztj12

    OK….Look at this
    1.Wiggins – Cavs need a defensive wing player since deng might not come back.
    2.Parker – Bucks need offensive and with sanders coming back for defense looks good
    3.Dante Exum – He can play SG next to MCW and with Noel coming back the 78ers look like they can compete
    4.Marcus Smart – Magic was gonna get Exum but since Dante off the boards, he is there only choice since they do need a PG badly
    5.Aaron Gordan – Jazz have Favors and Kanter already for the interior. Haywad played SF most the time and is a defense liabily there and was trying to convert to SG by seasons end and with Gordon they have that defensive wing player
    6.Noah V – Brad Stevens systems involves a stretch 4 to be on the 3 point line sometime and he can rebound on the defensive end
    7.Embiid – Obvious choice since Randle with his short wingspan and no defense. If Gasol do stay to win a championship. He could start until Embiid gets back healthy.
    Let me know what you think.

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers are so far in the S–T can why not take the chance & draft him if they can…If he fall’s to the 7th pick….

  • Showtime MDA

    Seriously this is actually great news for the Lakers draft will go like this possibly.

    1.Cavs Andrew Wiggins
    2.Bucks Jabari Parker
    3.Sixers Noah Vonleh
    4.Magic Dante Exum
    5.Jazz Joel Embiid They are tanking and can use Kanter as a starter til Embiid plays
    6.Celtics Aaron Gordon
    7.Lakers Marcus Smart
    8.Kings Julius Randle

  • jay

    am I the only who thinks the Lakers should go after the Bulls’ #16 & #19 draft picks? since they want to get rid of them for future first firsts to clear up cap space to sign Carmelo Anthony, just imagine having #7, #16 and #19 pick in this years draft, not a bad idea I must say.

    • VillainKing™

      Agree of you having three picks is great #7, #16 & #19 hope it really happens..Bulls need money so Lakers please buy there draft pick..

      • jay

        hopefully Mitch and co, come up with ways to acquire more picks.

        • Jim213

          Pretty sure Phil may get in on it being he wants a first rounder but yes it should be considered as well as a second rounder. That would also save some dough to go after or offer better salary to a player or two for the starting rotation.

          • jay

            I just want those picks to come our way instead of Phil, giving us the opportunity to take advantage of this years draft, but how exactly can we trade for those picks? do we trade our future first rounders for these first rounders straight up? or do we take someone’s contract (Boozers contract) plus those picks for our future first rounders? lol

          • Jim213

            Can’t risk giving up first rounders (assets) down the road given today’s times (CBA). May need to purchase a first rndr tho the CBA limits this to 1 first rnd purchase (if correct).

            Not sure the Bulls would want Nash (bait) when they can just amnesty Boozer this off season. If not, hopefully they consider buying a second round pick too. There’s at least four players IMO in the second round that can help the Lakers down the road.

            IMO, it be best if FO landed 3-4 players in the draft (thru slight trade down and purchasing a pick) to help turn around the long term expectations of the brand. There’s nothing wrong with rebuilding and retooling simultaneously. The draft is for the future while acquiring solid role players in FA can help make them make the playoffs next yr (depending on who is signed).

          • Swagzilla

            The way the Knicks can get those picks is if they sign and trade Melo but I’m sure the Bulls will want someone in return or someone to take Boozer’s contract.

          • Jim213

            Melo has until 6/23/14 to opt in or out, so if he opts in then it may be possible.

    • Kip

      Great idea but sadly the take back for the Lakers is the huge contract of Carlos Boozer attached to pick #16 and #19 that would keep the Lakers out of the 2014 free agent frenzy.

    • Chrmngblly

      cash is not cap space

  • tuna

    Damaged goods.

  • quickster007

    The Lakers should stay away from Joel Embiid. It’s like having Andrew Bynum again. Hurt just about every season. One healthy season and he played great but hurt again the following season. Jim & Jeanie Buss stay away from Embiid and concentrate on a point guard. Draft one or sign one .

  • Visionsofsilver

    If he manages to drop to 7, you almost have to take the plunge. He’s got immense talent. I know Kobe wants someone who could contribute right away but the Lakers future is greater than Bryant’s desire. Draft the kid if he’s available and let him heal and get right.

  • $20509373

    Know who else had foot issues? Bill Walton. It will be tempting to take Embiid if he falls, but the risk might be to great. This pick is too important to risk it on what might be the next Oden/Walton/Bowie.

    • Swagzilla

      Joel Emiid isn’t Bill Walton/Bowie/Oden it’s possible that these are freak injuries. The Lakers don’t really have much to lose risking a 7th pick on an athletic center who wants the ball in the post with solid footwork,defense,and rebounding ability.

  • Earl

    Big Z in Cleveland had foot issues.Yao in Houston had foot problems.Bill Walton had major foot issues.Michael Jordan had a broken foot his rookie season.Brook Lopez has had constant foot problems.Sam Bowie had his issues with health.It’s a risk worth taking for the Lakers because if he pans out then the Lakers hit the lottery with a great pick.

    Back issue well Brad Daugherty from Cleveland had his career ended early from it and Dwight Howard is continuing to play at a high level.It’s worth the risk and worth the gamble for the Lakers FO.Joel Embiid can take the whole year off and then comeback next season when healthy and we will be just fine with Pau Gasol at center until Joel Embiid is healthy to dethrone Pau.

  • The New Marty Blake

    Don’t worry people Joel Embiid will very well be selected before pick #7.The way i have my prospect power ranking is like this in order.

    1.Noah Vonleh
    2.Andrew Wiggins
    3.Dante Exum
    4.Jabari Parker
    5.Joel Embiid
    6.Aaron Gordon
    7.Marcus Smart
    8.Zach Lavine
    9.Julius Randle
    10.Dario Saric
    11.James Young
    12.Elfrid Payton
    13.Doug McDermott
    14.Rodney Hood


    REAL SIMPLE IF LAL want to rebuild to champion contention the “3” players they must consider to draft if available at pick 7 is 1.smart, 2. Doug Mcdermott, and 3. Embidd.
    those 3 players only and no one else.!
    do it mithc and jimbo!!!

  • kliff richard

    I hope that LA Lakers Re-Sign Pau gasol but less money 15 M to 16M only and Nick Young Re-Sign 12 M to 13 M 3 years deal and wes johnson 8M to 9M 3 years deal and jodie meeks 8 M to 9 M 3 years deal and jordan hill 6 M to 8M 2 years deal and ryan kelly 3 years 4 M and LA Lakers Should Get Sign kelvin love or chris bosh and Andrew bynum 6 to 10M 2 years deal and lamar odom and mwp and draft pick Joel Embiid or Andrew Wiggins and jabari parker if we chance have get all 3 and head coach LA Lakers lionel hollins this offseason

  • Kobe

    Stress fracture is worse than a fracture in foot bcoz if its really fractured,just undergo a surgery and its done,stress fracture on back and foot is like dwade knee,flaring up at some times

  • Kobe

    This will shakes up the draft
    PHI(cavs) wiggins
    Cle randle or vonleh
    Orl exum

  • Kb24

    1 wiggins 2 parker 3 randle/vonleh 4exum 5smart(they arenot sold on burke)or whoever is left between randle and vonleh 6 vonleh 7 embiid 8 gordon then trade our 2019,2021 picks,monroe,meeks for kevins amn martin

  • The New Marty Blake

    Breaking Down Each Draft Prospect In A Sentence.

    Noah Vonleh Best Inside outside prospect i have seen come into a draft in awhile.

    Andrew Wiggins Elite defensive player and he has Vince Carter upside.Top athlete.

    Dante Exum Great scorer and he is a good passer for his size.Intriguing prospect.

    Jabari Parker Best scorer in this draft.Plays like a veteran needs improve to his D.

    Joel Embiid Terrific low post center,has moves,great defender.Major injury risk.

    Aaron Gordon Excellent athlete with a huge upside and unlimited potential.

    Marcus Smart Tenacious defender top competitor in draft.Great length,strength.

    Zach Lavine Great athlete and he has major upside.Might need time to develop.

    Julius Randle Great lefty low post scorer,has a ton of moves.NBA ready now.

  • kookiebuger

    You don’t win with average Emiid is a high risk high reward at a pretty weak position, I don’t want him as our franchise player at least not yet but he can be a solid 2nd/3rd piece in helping the Lakers win.

  • David

    Funny a player whose physical outlook is not aesthetically pleasing to everyone because his arms and legs look a little thick and short and he doesn’t jump all that high is most unpopular; but he is a winner and produced consistently at every level so far. On the other hand Wiggins is lean and thin and jumps real high but hasn’t won anything, completely bombed in his only game in the tournament is the popular beauty queen. I bet everyone loved Gerald Green from out of high school but it took him about 9 years to mature his game enough to stick in the league.

  • jay

    couldn’t have said it any better Taylor.

  • Badazztj12

    boozer hasn’t even average 1 block a game through out his career

  • Ty

    Do you realize the injury Embiid has right now is the same injury and sent Yao Ming straight to retirement? Them drafting Embiid, is like hopping onboard the Titanic when you can see plain as day that it is already halfway sunk.

  • kookiebuger

    Randle was 40-60 pounds bigger then other high school kids he should have been able to dominant high school with ease, in college he still had like 20-30 pound advantage in the NBA when most PF’s are his size bully ball doesn’t work from what I’ve seen from him (relies heavily on pump fakes,spin moves, average post game, no jump shot, tunnel vision at times, turnover prone, bad defender) in college I don’t see him being an allstar or every leading a team to success.

    People are calling Wiggins a bust which isn’t fair he didn’t average 23ppg 11rpg 2spg and 2 bpg in high school by accident or 17ppg,6rpg,1spg,1bpg on accident either give him time to prove himself he needs to work on his handles and consistency.