2014 NBA Draft: Jabari Parker Picks Coach K Over D’Antoni On SportsNation

2014 NBA Draft: Jabari Parker Picks Coach K Over D’Antoni On SportsNation


The NBA regular season is coming to a close which means several teams who have endured losing are drawing closer to learning their position in the 2014 draft. Many have heralded the draft class as one that will be littered with NBA talent, pending a handful of players declaring themselves eligible for the draft.

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One of the college prospects several NBA front offices are waiting to hear from is Duke forward Jabari Parker. As the college season wore on, many believed Parker was a lock to enter the draft, but with the Blue Devils’ NCAA tournament run coming to an abrupt end at the hands of Mercer University, rumors began to swirl that Parker would instead opt to return for his sophomore season.

Nonetheless, Parker was a guest on ESPN’s SportsNation during a segment that included the 6-9 forward answering five questions that pitted the benefits of staying in college against entering the draft. One of the questions posed to Parker was whether he would prefer to play for Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski or Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. Naturally, Parker gave the nod to Krzyzewski.
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  • Selfie

    But first let me take a selfie

  • 3339

    Well duh

  • Karl Malone

    That D’antoni or Coach K choice was a lopsided choice!!! Its like asking someone if they want to eat poop and drink pee the rest of their lives or eat steak and enjoy champagne!

  • Jabari

    LOL WTF?The guy asked that question should become a comedian not a sports journalist.Rhetorical question the answer is obvious.It’s like asking someone do you prefer owning a 2014 Lamborghini Veneno or a 1995 Ford Escort.The answer is oh duh Coach K from Duke and yes Lamborghini Veneno like duh.Go Lakers!

  • Jabari

    Funniest question ever lol.Coach K or Mary K for that matter over D’Antoni.Goofy.

  • Al Haldie


  • Shannon

    Future Laker.

  • Shawn

    Should have said who would you rather play for in the future.

    The Lakers or Duke ?, man talking about putting somebody on the spot lol.