2014 NBA Draft: Jabari Parker Officially Declares For Draft Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] The 2014 NBA Draft class is beginning to take form now and it will be a deep one. Duke forward Jabari Parker has officially declared [new_royalslider id="140"] The 2014 NBA Draft class is beginning to take form now and it will be a deep one. Duke forward Jabari Parker has officially declared Rating: 0
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2014 NBA Draft: Jabari Parker Officially Declares For Draft

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The 2014 NBA Draft class is beginning to take form now and it will be a deep one. Duke forward Jabari Parker has officially declared for the draft, announcing via a full article on Sports Illustrated:

Today I sent my letter of intent to the NBA. That makes it official — my days as a Duke basketball player are over. But my days as a Duke student are not. I intend to graduate from Duke while I’m in the NBA. I was an honor student when I arrived at Duke, and I’d like to graduate as one.

It is admirable, and speaks to his character, that Parker fully intends to continue his education. He has said that he has interests in film, writing, and business, but for now it is all about basketball.

Parker is a physical specimen at 6’8 and 240 pounds and can play both forward positions. He is an excellent scorer and is widely considered one of the most NBA-ready prospects in the draft.

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In his article, Parker stressed how difficult it was to come to the decision, but expounded on his reasons for leaving Duke:

My father, Sonny, played in the NBA. I know firsthand that the career span of a pro basketball player is finite. The lucky ones play until their mid-30s. With that perspective, I shrink my professional career with each year that I remain in college. It’s ironic, but true.

Parker’s season ended with a disappointing upset loss at the hands of Mercer, but he still had an extremely successful season, averaging 19 points and nearly nine rebound in his only season with the Blue Devils.

Parker is expected to be one of the first three picks of the draft.
NBA Draft 2014: Duke’s Jabari Parker Says Being A Lakers Would Be A ‘Blessing’

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Ollie Taylor

    unfortunately we wont get any were near drafting Parker with the odds we have. Disappointing really eventhough we finished on a high with 2 wins you look at utah with 40% chance of a top 3 and think that could of been us. lets hope for some luck

    • LegendInMyMind

      Some pretty strange lottery drawings have happened before, but it’ll be interesting to say how it all shakes out. Some pretty strange drafts have happened before, too. I think Noah Vonleh would be a pretty good fit. There’s still the 2015 free agency to consider, in rebuilding the team.

      • Ollie Taylor

        yeah good point. Noah is a solid player. versatile defender and good on the defensive and offensive glass. but i would rather get randle. he playes with more emotion and can lead a team as he has done with UK. Have a feeling the lakers will try and get a guard at this point in time in the draft

        • LegendInMyMind

          Well, they have a need at pretty much every position, so I don’t think they should be necessarily focused on getting a guard unless Exum is available. Which he very likely won’t be, unless Utah selects Marcus Smart instead. They need to pick the best available player on the board, no matter the position.

  • Tim Stafford

    If the Lakers pick 6th, and all indications that they will, Parker, Wiggins, Embiid, Exum, and probably Julius Randle will all be gone. Those are the 5 guys that can help us now. I guess Aaron Gordon is nice, but he is a bit of an offensive project. Marcus Smart is a head case.

    • LegendInMyMind

      Noah Vonleh is a possibility.

  • purp& goldpride

    Awww come on lady luck..with the past two season being so dreadful, getting a top 3 pick will re-energize this fanbase that hasn’t had much to cheer for. Either way, this will be the most exciting draft in years, not only because of the potential talent, but with the Lakers, Celtics, 76ers…these are blue blood franchises

  • Tully

    The Lakers tanked all season long by holding out players to obtain a high draft pick and oops at the end they win 2 meaningless games against 2 teams in their conference those 2 teams trolled the Lakers into winning the games to hurt the Lakers chances of getting a higher pick that’s how much the Lakers are hated within their own conference.It’s bad blood boiling from all the years the Spurs and Jazz had competitive games with the hated dominant Lakers of yesteryear.Jabari Parker could have been a Laker but the boys and clueless retard Mike Damnphony dropped the ball on that hope.

    No Wiggins,Parker,Exum,Embiid,Randle say hello to Aaron Gordon or Noah Vonleh yeah maybe this was a excuse just so fat cat owner Jim Buss can sell the pick for money so he can by some more beach houses.This team is in disarray.SMH!

  • Tully

    The East is dominating this draft they hold 8 very high chances of landing in the top 3 and the top pick is pretty much guaranteed for the eastern conference.

  • Moveover Andbark

    Are there any more potential players that could jump in and be considered top 5, which hopefully would give us a shot at a player such as Exum, who is my preference. Maybe if the Lakers have anything of value, they could make a trade of that with their pick to move up to top 3…

    • Blake Mullins

      No, there’s not players who even come close to the top 5 guys, Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum, Randle…..everyone else is light years below them. And no, we don’t have anyone to trade. Nash and Bryant are all we got and we ain’t trading Bryant, and nobody would be interested in trading a top 3 pick for Nash. Sorry, but we blew our chance at a franchise player by ignorant winning those last two games.

  • Wewe

    I love the way Jabari Parker plays on offense and as long as he gets in better shape and drop some of the baby fat he can become another Kevin Durant on the NBA level.Defense is also important and he must improve it.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I love his game on offene and i think he will be a superstar like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.Hopefully the Lakers can pry him away from everyone by picking in the top 3 at #2 hopefully.This kid Jabari Parker is very marketable and Sports Illustrated ran a huge story on him declaring for the NBA draft.Groundbreaking stuff.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes Jabari Parker can be a franchise player and he is NBA ready.Lakers get him.

  • Blake Mullins

    Good job at winning those meaningless games at the end and blowing any chance at this kid, or the other 4 potential superstars, Lakers. Better pray to your chosen deity that Parker forces his way to L.A like Kobe did when he got drafted. That’s the only chance we got at not being mediocre for the next 5 seasons.

    • Moveover Andbark

      Blake great “to the point” on this subject. Besides winning those two meaningless games at the end…maybe the Lakers could have traded Steve Blake away earlier, same deal, say a month earlier. What’s your view of bringing him back/letting him back in?

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