2014 NBA Draft: Grant Hill Says Lakers Should Draft Jabari Parker Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="159"] Once the 2013-14 NBA season comes to an end, GM Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss will direct their attention to the 2014 NBA Draft. The Los [new_royalslider id="159"] Once the 2013-14 NBA season comes to an end, GM Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss will direct their attention to the 2014 NBA Draft. The Los Rating: 0
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2014 NBA Draft: Grant Hill Says Lakers Should Draft Jabari Parker

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Once the 2013-14 NBA season comes to an end, GM Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss will direct their attention to the 2014 NBA Draft. The Los Angeles Lakers will have a lottery pick for the first time since 2005 and there’s no better time be drafting in the top 10 with all the talent potentially available.

With the Lakers possibly having a pick in the top five, quite a few promising players are in the conversation in terms of coming to Los Angeles. One of those players is Duke’s Jabari Parker and current NBATV analyst Grant Hill believes he’d be a perfect fit for the Lakers via Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News:

“Jabari Parker. He’s the most ready and has a chance to be hugely successful right away. He’s a quality small forward and he’s a guy who could come in and play with Kobe Bryant right away. When Kobe retires, Jabari could be the face of the franchise. Somebody like that is someone I would point to as my definite number one. He’s very versatile and can do a number of things on the court. He can score, facilitate and has a great feel for the game. He has great character. He’s a strong guy and has got that kind of NBA physicality to be a power player from a small forward position.”

Along with Parker, there will be plenty of potential perennial All-Stars available in the form of Dante Exum, Andrew Wiggins, Marcus Smart, Joel Embiid and Julius Randle.

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All these possible draftees will be playing in the 2014 NCAA Tournament with the exception of Australia’s Exum. That being said, the draft stock of these players is bound to rise and fall over the next couple of weeks due to their performances on the biggest stage of college basketball.

Although many of these potential draft prospects have a high upside, Parker does appear to be the most NBA-ready. Wiggins received a lot of LeBron James-like hype during his high school days and could prove to be a superb NBA talent someday, but hasn’t the made the impression that Parker has in one season on the collegiate level.

As stated earlier, the performances of these promising young prospects will likely help dictate where they may be taken in the upcoming draft. Wiggins and Parker may be battling it out to become the first pick in the draft.
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  • Jim213

    Per sources: Phil Jackson is ‘strongly committed’ to implementing the triangle offense with the Knicks.

    Come on Pau, don’t you want to go back to the good old days. Sign and trade is an option Pau.

    • Zimmeredge

      yeah but for whom? chandler? Bargnani? i’m not convinced.

      • cyborgspider

        If Lakers want to tank again and have another year of Antoni, Bargnani is a PERFECT fit. Pringles will squeal with girlish glee as Bargs chucks up those 3s.

        If Lakers want to build a defensive system, Chandler and Shumpert (works on Trade machine) are good pieces and the salaries match up (and Chandler is expiring). I don’t think Knicks are giving up Shumpert though, but stranger things have happened with Laker trades.

      • Jim213

        Had this conversation yesterday?!,,, for trade bait!

        • Zimmeredge

          chandler might have some value but bargnani… i doubt the guy might interest anybody with his current wage.

          • Daryl Peek

            Chandler would be ideal for D’Antoni playing with Kobe. Linsanity was with Tyson, Smith, Shumpert and Novak/Jeffries.

          • Zimmeredge

            There’s absolutely no certainty that d’antoni will remain a lakers this summer. I wouldn’t buy into for next season. Plus he is getting olé and way injury prone imo.

          • Daryl Peek

            Never said MDA was a lock but to be honest, it’s a possibility. I think Chandler has gas left in the tank. We need a defensive minded center regardless of the coach.

          • Zimmeredge

            Certainly most need a much younger center. And a scoring one. I doubt that we will rely on our perimeter shooters for a noter full year. Especially when you see How important gasol is right now in our offense. We won’t let go a 18/10 center for a 8/10 center. Very unlikely to happen happen.

          • Daryl Peek

            Skewed view this season as we don’t have Kobe, Nash or Young our better scorers and play makers. Don’t you remember how the team was winning games early in the season when Gasol was struggling through his off-season surgery recovery? Pau was shooting a putrid 41% from the field at the time and the healthy uptempo bench mob was winning those games for us as they were the NBA’s best bench at the time.

            A defensive minded 8/10 center would be perfect with all of our other weapons back.

          • Zimmeredge

            It creates a dependance. If your shooters are cold you have nothing else. Tc won’t provide us any scoring in those moment. Don’t expect meeks to score 40pts night in night out. I mean if we were Talking about mid-00′s stoudemire ok. But chandler that is not the best option. The scoring has to come from everywhere.

          • Daryl Peek

            The teams that have been winning championships lately don’t have scoring centers who lack defensively. A Lakers team with Kobe back playing at a high level, not 27+ PPG but 20-25, with good wing compliments and a solid scorer like Young coming off the bench makes for a dangerous team in this NBA with a 8-10 defensive minded center.

            The Spurs have not been Duncan dominant in a long time. Ginobli took the torch for a moment and Paker has had it since Manu fell off a bit. Kawhi Leonard is the guy that has them the hottest team in the league right now.

          • Zimmeredge

            what you have to realize imo is that none of this guys are true realiable starters… they are only role players… Tyson Chandler is not a reliable starter he is a role player because he can’t do anything but one thing: bring his d.
            and you say it better than I do… they were INCONSISTENT!!!

            you can’t build a team with inconsistency and injury prone players (idk if they are intrinsically injury prone or if the system and the way they are playing made them injury prone) because you can’t build anykind of chemistry or momentum. the bench mob lasted a month or maybe two at maximum then… they were dead. empty tanks, no oil in the motor. and they couldn’t sustain that kind of effort on short stretches of games (back to back or big week) and during the entire season.

          • Daryl Peek

            How could they be consistent when NONE of them have been on the court CONSISTENTLY due to INJURIES!!! Nor have they the tenure playing together to build proper team character.

            This is what you seem to not understand. Most of the Spurs players outside of the big three are role players elsewhere. Same thing with the Heat. Night in and night out CONSISTENCY in performance is something you expect out of your three best players on any team at best.

            Team chemistry is built in training camp, and this team had it. Team character (the ability to string together on the grind wins) is built in season in the trenches of game to game battles playing together with a clear leader on the court. Gasol was supposed to be that but has failed. Look at OKC. Outside of KD Westbrook and Ibaka, who’s the consistent players? KD has been the constant this season as the clear alpha, and when they figure this out between KD & Russell they will get over the hump and win a championship.

            I wont call X injury prone just yet, Farmar and Young either. This team is one star with a healthy Kobe away from being a solid playoff team. Young can be every much as good and Jamal Crawford as a sixth man. Adding say Kevin Love and a defensive minded center like how Deandre Jordan plays (who happens to be very inconsistent offensively) would allow this Lakers team to do a complete 180 in the win loss column.

            Most every team that wins an NBA championship has a one two punch that’s truly consistent. A third player is on the border of that like Bosh for the Heat or LO/Horry for the Lakers. Everyone else are role players that feed off the stars consistency.

          • Zimmeredge

            that’s what i’m saying… where is your one-two punch, you’re big three if the guy inside is not scoring. if there’s no scoring inside. i mean eventhough the run and gun/ 7 seconds or less was a fast paced, fast break type of offense, on half court they had someone to hammer it down low in the paint.
            That was stoudemire’s role. Chandler could have been an upgrade earlier this season… now, for next seaon or the future Chandler won’t bring anything. he’s got the ability to be our defensive anchor i’ll give him that. he has that vocal leadership but that’s about it. i’ll rather drop gasol and get Monroe a 11m$ instead of making a deal with the knicks for another 32yo player who’s plagued with injury or try to bet on young Lavoy Allen for less chips
            i do not agree with your logic and i’m not buying into it for the simple fact that you have to have someone who’s scoring big numbers inside to spread the floor very well. The Heat, the Clipps, Okc, Spurs… they all rely on their inside scoring. inside scoring is the most important stuff imo. they might have implements d’antoni’s ideas of game but they haven’t gone all in on it. that’s my philosophy. and so far i do not recall a champion without a huge paint. The Mavericks? yeah except Nowitzky they weren’t good offensively. their defense made the job.
            nevertheless this conversation will stop this summer… D’antoni will get fired. The simple fact that he’s now the owner of the scrappiest record in all lakers’ history will get his arse fired. no chance he’s coming back eventhough he has excuses.

          • Daryl Peek

            I agree it looks bleak for MDA and I’m not a fan of his. I just choose not to play the pile on game given the big picture of things that have hindered this team overall as Kenny Smith said.

            I like Monroe but he’s not a defensive center at all. You also need experience to be a playoff team that makes a deep run. You seem to forgt Kobe is an inside player. Kevin Love can get points in the paint also. X is great at getting into the paint and so is Farmar. Meeks has improved by leaps and bounds in taking it to the rack. Bazemore is a young talent that has that knack to got into the paint. You seem to be mixing up traditional low post play with PNR/dive/spread the floor ISO offense. MDA allows ISO in his sets. Joe Johnson and Amare were that in Phoenix. Duncan does not get a steady diet of back to the basket post ups. He’s done most of his damage from the elbow facing up on less mobile big’s. This is why he actually has had trouble with Pau in his one on one match ups at time. Pau defends Tim well at times but is just not the rim protector this team needs. His offense is very unimpactful as Worthy points out at times.

            The thing that lets me know this team could be close is the fact that they are fourth in assists, tied for third in blocked shots. MDA’s refusal to address rebounding is the main problem and you don’t have to run twin towers to fix that. Miami is dead last in rebounding but they keep the game to game margins close by limiting the opposition on the glass. Better offensive efficiency helps this as you speak on the complete MDA offensive system sellout. We agree there.

          • Zimmeredge

            i know about monroe. at least he is young and athletic. he’s more of an offensive center. he’s still a big body in the paint and he’s tall with good court vision and ballhandling. that’s the reason why he is fan favorite. he runs the floor pretty well too. i think he could pair up pretty well with anybody from the draft and even Kevin Love.
            Kobe will have to be a better shooter. he won’t be able to attack the basket as he did in the past. maybe iso in the post but he won’t drive as much. so he will have work on his shooting. Monroe to handle 0-5. Kobe to play inside-out and Love (if we ever get love) inside-out…

    • e3bonz

      He’ll most likely use the pieces they have, plus maybe a few new players. I don’t see Pau going to NY unless LBJ moves there. He said he wants to stay with LA, and Kobe wants him also. Of course you never know what can happen.

    • MARCUS


      • Jim213

        Tell that to your mom. Drop you like a bad habit. Talking about trades dummy. Best to get things rollin or get left behind.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Grant Hill is one of the smartest guys in all of sports and i am a big fan of both Grant Hill and Jabari Parker.If Grant Hill is saying this stuff linking the Lakers and Jabari Parker by suggesting Jabari should come and play with Kobe and then become the Lakers franchise player i buy into that and i am all for it.

    Jabari Parker is a scoring machine much like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony and he is a rebounding machine and he is improving on his passing and he is willing to work on his defense which is not good but can be much better with practice and lessons from a top defensive coach or a defensive mentor.I like this idea.Jabari won Freshman of the year and he is a finalist for player of the year and he just turned 19 years old.Yes he is worth it,lets get him and secure a bright future.Kick it into high gear Jabari LA iLakers FO s watching you.

    • Zimmeredge

      him or wiggins imo are the best for what we have and don’t have and might have after this summer… they will move on the draft thinking about the FA.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Great kid with tons of moves on offense.

  • destiny brown

    Draft Wiggins

    • J Lee

      I think Wiggins will go first, unless the Lakers get magic from those lottery balls,Wiggins is go to the Bucks.

  • J Lee

    I am sure that the Lakers would love to draft Jabari Parker but I don’t think he still available for the Lakers to draft at 4th or 5th pick??

    • cyborgspider

      All of these articles popping up are with the assumption that the Lakers have the #1 or #2. We won’t know until May 21. It’s possible they pick as low as 8th or 9th, YIKES!!

  • ruckus

    i could have wiggins or parker, but grant hill knows what they are talkng about , so if he says parker im more then happy for him to join us, GREAT offensive weapon , fine tune his D, and get him abit more leaner but stil have that muscle on him and hel be a beast..ps workn with kobe could do wonders for him

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m still not sold on Parker. I see him having Elton Brand upside at best.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Grant Hill? And you believe him for that? I like him as a player, but his choices of what team to play with has produced nothing to show for it. He may be a good basketball talent on the floor, but not a good evaluator of talent…

    • Fred Savage

      and uhhh… how do you know that?

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        yeah, if he was, he wouldn’t have said Tmac was better than Kobe, and saying that he had a better chance of winning with the Suns than with the Lakers when he signed with them… I like Grant Hill specially when he was in Detroit, he had a very good core group there, but elected for Orlando in free agency, his reason? He has a better chance of winning in Orlando, Yeah, right!!!! … his evaluation of talents to play with is mediocre to say the least.

        And now he has the gut to say, Lakers should draft Jabari Parker??? Exum, Wiggins, Smart, and Imbiid has better potential than Parker… we don’t draft by position or by how much a player is NBA ready.

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