2014 NBA Draft: Embiid, Parker Won’t Attend NBA Draft Combine

2014 NBA Draft: Embiid, Parker Won’t Attend NBA Draft Combine


UPDATE: Kansas Guard and Top-3 prospect Andrew Wiggins has withdrawn from the NBA Pre-Draft Combine as well, according to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski:

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Last week, the NFL finally ended their draft process with the 2014 NFL Draft. This week, the NBA begins their process as the NBA Pre-Draft Combine takes place in Chicago.

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While many top prospects choose not to participate in the basketball portions, most still come for physicals and interviews. However, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, two top prospects will not attend at all:

Embiid and Parker are two of the top prospects in this draft and nearly everybody has both of them going in the top-3 of this year’s draft. With them not being in attendance, it allows the players to control who they talk to and take physicals for.

This is a huge deal for Embiid, who is still dealing with a back injury and has yet to be cleared for full-contact basketball activities. The more teams red flag Embiid, the worse his draft stock could fall.

For Parker, there is far less concern for injury as he had an excellent season at Duke last year. By waiting until the draft lottery is completed, he can choose to only workout for those teams.

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Both Embiid and Parker are represented by Arn Tellum and B.J. Armstrong of Wasserman Media Group, and that similarity likely contributed to the decision of both to sit out.

In the end, the move is unlikely to seriously hurt either prospect. They are simply exercising their right to work out and talk to who they feel. It is a move that could become mirrored in future years.

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  • carew10

    my liking:1)jabary parker;2)embiid;3)wiggins;4)exum;5)randle

  • comrade24

    Man, Embiid has game! smooth 15 ft jump shot, throwing the opposing teams shots back to half court, he’s a beast. I just worry about drafting someone who could be a bust due to injuries. I say we should draft Exum or Smart.

    • VillainKing™

      Your correct Smart is the right choice or Exum men..

      • karasoon4

        Ummm, just a little insight for you: not everybody who participates on this site are “men”.

        • VillainKing™

          ok girl!!!!

  • Ivan

    Wussies they are scared to attend draft combines.The Lakers must draft Wiggins.

    • vdogg

      nah. wiggins has the physical tools, but he doesn’t have the fire in him. LA is a tough place to play. i say we take exum if we get the chance. the kid has star quality and wants to be under the bright lights.

    • Dorian Holden

      You do know Wiggins and soon to be Smart, Exum, Randel, will all make the same decision don’t you.

  • Ivan

    Couple of lames.

  • 3339

    hopefully we win a position to have the chance at these players. I think if the Lakers don’t get in the top 3 they will try very very hard to trade the pick for a star player.

  • Zimmeredge

    Many young lads have back problem… I mean they are playing a game where jumping and height are the main tools. Having a back issue is always complicated but soccer players, tennis players even golf players have back problems and they can cope with that and remain competitive. The guy is super tall. He is 7 foot 1 or so and he is still 19. He will have to develop and strenghten his back. That´s all.
    No big deal for him.

    • comrade24

      you may be right, but i’ll leave the medical stuff to the doctors. if he checks out and we have the chance to draft him, okay. I still think choosing a point guard of the future would be a wiser move

      • Zimmeredge

        Plenty of good pg will be available from the fa. So i believe exum or smart (although napier and payton are pretty impression too) would be great addition to our team but i also think we lack big interior presence and athleticism.

        • comrade24

          agreed just haven’t seen anyone at the 4 or 5 who is impressive besides Embiid, and it seems unlikely that we could draft him unless we get lucky and even then his health is a big concern. A lot will depend on what coach they hire but hey, it’s nice to have lots of options in the offseason.

          • Zimmeredge

            A bit of Luck in the off season. I guess we will make a “so-so” off season. One draft, one fa and Pau and Some of the guys of last season. Unless melo and/or big three fall apart

  • VillainKing™

    Marcus Smart all the way..

  • Max

    Jim Buss is up to bat.Good luck.

  • Alvaro

    Hopefully the Lakers can pull this off somehow.Gotta stretch/waive Steve Nash.

    PG Kendall Marshall Qualifying Offer+Jordan Farmar Veteran Minimum+Steve Blake Veteran Minimum
    SG Kobe Bryant $23 Million Per+Kent Bazemore Qualifying Offer
    SF LeBron James $21 Million Per+Xavier Henry Veteran Minimum
    PF Jabari Parker Rookie Deal+Ryan Kelly Rookie Deal+Earl Clark Veteran Min.
    C Pau Gasol $8 Million Per+Robert Sacre Rookie Deal+Emeka Okafor Vet. Min.

    • vdogg

      you’re kidding yourself for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that parker won’t be able to play PF in the NBA. he is a SF.

      • Dk2k15

        Easy .. move lbj to #4 , parker at 3
        Though this line up is farfetched … lbj isnt leaving miami .. and I doubt it’s gonna be easy keeping pau without adding another big name

  • Ted

    Embiid trying to hide that back I guess.