2014 NBA Draft: Dante Exum Compared To Young Kobe Bryant

2014 NBA Draft: Dante Exum Compared To Young Kobe Bryant


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On a recent podcast of the B.S. Report, Bill Simmons had NBA Draft analyst Chad Ford as a guest to talk about the upcoming draft prospects.

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Ford talked about upcoming Australian prospect Dante Exum and goes on to extol him as having many of the psychological characteristics that many NBA teams look for. Ford goes on to report that one GM has even compared him to a young Kobe Bryant:

“One general manager said, ‘He’s the closest that I’ve seen to a young Kobe Bryant.’”

The comparison is a little unfounded as even Ford acknowledges that there is very little information about Exum. However, Dante will be drafted right out of high school just as Kobe was. Kobe was of course drafted with the 13th pick to the Charlotte Hornets before being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Exum, however, is predicted to be drafted within the top 5 picks. Dante’s potential is great as he is currently only 18 years old.

Ford does criticize Exum’s shooting, but praises his skill set and overall handle of the game. In fact, he has Exum with the third pick in the draft to the Philadelphia Sixers.

As reported, a potential trade to the Lakers involving Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young for the seventh pick and Steve Nash may come to fruition. This may prove to be beneficial for both parties as Williams is the reigning Rookie of the Year and Thaddeus Young is a young, athletic forward.

The 76ers have been in the rebuilding stages and are gaining a number of young talented players for the future. The Lakers on the other hand acknowledge that they only have two years left before Kobe’s contract expires and possibly retires. With a depleted roster, two talented young players could be a much needed spark.

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Lakers Kobe Bryant’s Advice To NBA Draft Prospect Dante Exum

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  • Jim213

    Exum’s a good prospect but his shooting + mechanics needs work. Shouldn’t compare someone who’d rather play the point with a SG.

  • The_Sports_Dude

    Wait a second….

    As reported, a potential trade to the Lakers involving Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young for the seventh pick and Steve Nash may come to fruition.

    What’s the source indicating that this deal might come to fruition? Or are you saying “may” under the auspices that everything is generally a 50/50 probability in that something happens or doesn’t?

    • Zimmeredge

      click on it; espn ryen russillo

      • The_Sports_Dude

        Thanks. I saw the original tweet and the previous post, but I was wondering if there had been any movement since then.

    • Badazztj12

      hope this happens. It would be beast for the lakers

    • comrade24

      I hope that trade happens. I have a feeling that could be the factor that determines whether we land a max FA or not. Melo said he would consider if we upgrade our roster, Lebron wouldn’t even give us a 2nd glance if we don’t have a decent roster. why would he leave Miami and his infiniti pool (can’t get that in LA, and that HAS to be sweet lol) if we have a far worse roster in a tougher conference? We need to make this trade happen!

      • Zimmeredge

        the more i look at it and the more i go randle we keep other than that it’s a trade.
        we must fing a way to drop nash. strech him or trade idk
        philly is actually trying to trade young and 3 for number to cleveland.

  • JohnSmith00

    MCW and Young would be the best case scenario for the Lakers. I just can’t see anyone in the 5-14 spots becoming a major star, best case scenario they become all-stars. Which is why it would make no sense to pass on two guys that are already at that level, though chances are this rumor is BS as it’s just too good to be true but still we can hope….

    • comrade24

      The Pau Gasol trade was too good to be true too.

  • AC

    Let’s hope the trade rumors with the Sixers is true. I hope they have an eye on Exum so that they can give the Lakers MCW and possibly their 10th pick. Having the 3rd, 7th, and 10th pick just isn’t fair.

    • cj

      the 10th pick is not part of the deal

    • VillainKing™

      I think no trade will happen..

  • LegendInMyMind

    As deep as this draft is, history has shown that there will very possibly be some surprising BUSTS to come out of it. I’m hesitant to buy into comparisons of these guys to some NBA greats, no matter the intended context, for that very reason. It’s just setting them up for failure. Not meeting or exceeding expectations and hype = failure in this league.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I like Dante Exum he is a good player.I don’t know how he will do but the Kobe comparison is unfair until he can prove it in the NBA.BTW The Lakers better keep their draft pick at #7 and draft wisely make the Smart choice hint hint.

  • J Lee

    We could have a higher pick to draft Exum, but thanks for those useless wins at the end of last season…now we are struggle with number 7th. I understand Laker’s pride and all but …damn.