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2014 NBA Draft: Cavs May Pass On Embiid After Physical Reveals Red Flags

There have been rumors flying around the upcoming 2014 NBA draft. With a deep class and a number of teams willing to make trades, there could be a lot of movement before and during the draft.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the first selection giving them a choice between phenoms Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and Jabari Parker. Many believe Embiid has the highest ceiling and would be a no-brainer choice at the top of the draft, but a back injury has teams worried.

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Embiid had his workout with the Cavaliers today, and according to ESPN Cleveland, the physical did not go well for the big man:

This is huge news as Embiid had been saying that his back would be fine. If it turns out to be something recurring, teams will likely shy away from the Kansas center and he could slide quickly.

However, there are other reports saying the exact opposite. Sam Amico of Fox Sports says that Embiid’s physical with Cleveland checked out just fine:

With so many conflicting reports on the subject, it is hard to know what to believe. If there are any questions about Embiid’s back however, he could suffer a similar fall to Nerlens Noel last season, who fell all the way to sixth despite being the consensus top prospect.

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This marks the second consecutive day of injury news coming from top draft prospects. Yesterday, it was reported that Kentucky forward Julius Randle may need foot surgery after his foot failed to heal properly following surgery for a break during his senior year of high school.

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  • Tune

    Media consistency at its finest. I’m a bit more inclined to believe ESPN Cleveland though since I saw reports of Wiggins and Parker going to workout with the Cavs.

    • Jason Schreiner

      That “ESPN Cleveland” report is actually Tony Rizzo, a local talk radio host with an agenda. As many other sites are saying about it: take it with a grain of salt. Amico used to be as bad or worse, but his rep has improved somewhat lately.

      There’s even a conspiracy saying this rumor is calculated to heat up pressure on Philly to trade up to get their guy Wiggs #1, allowing Embiid to fall to Cleveland at #3. Cleveland would then still get its man plus additional assets via the trade with Philly (e.g. also a #10 pick and a player or two). In this rumor, Rizzo is being used unwittingly.

      I think all these “reports” are suspect. We’ll find out on June 26.

      • Tune

        Makes perfect sense to do that, we need Lakers to start making Exum sound like a bust.

        • ChaiseKerswellmmy

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      • Lyle Chipperson

        Sam Hinkie is an absolute genius. If that is Gilbert’s game (and as a 6ers fan, I happen to be one who subscribes to that particular theory), Hinkie will see right through it. All the 6ers need to do is exercise their due diligence as regards Embiid, and run a physical of their own. And if that is Gilbert’ game I hope it blows up in his face. He would be sowing seeds of distrust amongst the other GMs and owners in the league, who would then hopefully be less inclined to want to deal with that craptastic franchise in the future. In other words, if Gilbert is up to some shady stuff, good luck unloading that mediocre ballhog Waiters, Danny boy.

  • BULL

    HATE MEDIA! fall to to Lakers baby we are waiting!

  • Jim213

    Kobe @ WC, probably upset that Spain got beat down.

    • Andy L

      Spain got their ass handed to them. Whoa! Gasol Bros. must be in tears…

    • Jim213

      Kobe will be there…

    • truth24

      Negroe get back to yo shit fo next year aight!

  • Todd

    Don’t believe a word Sam Amico says the guy is the biggest liar in the world or he is just a stupid misinformed boy.Seriously the stupid idiot Amico said Pau Gasol had been traded to Cleveland for Andrew Bynum and he said Dwight Howard was going to be in a 3 way trade with the Cavs involved never happened.And he has spread so many other false rumors and bad misinformation for several years.He has zero credible sources and he is a big fat stupid liar.Believe ESPN over the clown act.

    • Lyle Chipperson

      T Rizzo is just as bad. The only difference being, Rizzo is little more than a paid shill, a mouth piece, for Dan Gilbert in his campaign of misinformation aimed at pressuring the 6ers to trade up to chase Wiggins

  • NYLakerJ

    Cavs trying to get Philly to jump from #3 to #1 for who 76ers want, Wiggins…Embiid is going #1.
    Although, if, he slides to #7…perhaps, Mitch is conducting media campaign releasing these ‘physicals’

  • back in the day

    I remember when we had dreams of getting a top 3 pick and Embiid was the choice.

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