2014 NBA Draft: Aaron Gordon Would Be ‘Attached To Kobe At The...

2014 NBA Draft: Aaron Gordon Would Be ‘Attached To Kobe At The Hip’


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The Los Angeles Lakers have a big decision to make on June 26 when the time comes for them to make their selection in the 2014 NBA Draft.

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The team has been linked to a number of different prospects including Marcus Smart and Julius Randle. But another player of interest will be Arizona’s Aaron Gordon who told Slam Magazine that he would love to be a Laker:

The Lakers are a great program. It’s a traditional program, so I think the level of intensity will be way up. If I ended up playing with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, that would be absolutely insane. I would want to know everything that they know. I’d be attached to Kobe at the hip. I’d be attached to him and Steve Nash.

These are the kinds of things you like to hear from a draft prospect, and is one of the reasons why Gordon is so highly touted in this draft, despite being far from a finished product.

Gordon is arguably the best athlete in this draft and has excellent defensive potential. He reminds many of Shawn Marion because of his quick jumping ability, but he still has a lot of work to improve his game offensively.

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The fact that he seems so willing and eager to learn from two of the smartest players in the NBA shows that he is willing to put in the necessary work to become a great player.

Gordon will be one of many participating in the Lakers’ huge group workout taking place tomorrow giving him a chance to impress the Lakers organization up close and personal.
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  • sena-celik

    let’s forget draft coz ii is a kinda poor draft year none of ’em franchise player.we need proven stars like kyrie,kevin love,kevin durant,russel westbrook,aldridge,lillard.we can’t know who turns into an all star player if i were mithch kupchak i would take kevin love over all rookie players coming soon.we are big franchise we can’t suffer another year it is time to come back to the top,can u understand me mitch,u feel me????????????????????

    • http://www.twitch.tv/thattuneguy Tune

      Poor draft year? You can never predict a franchise player, but Parker, Wiggins, Embiid, Exum, Smart, Noah, and Gordon are nothing to sleep on.

    • Hustler

      Best draft ever.You sir are wrong about it being a poor draft.Give me a link to anyone important saying this is a poor draft.Wiggins,Jabari,Gordon is not a weak draft then you factor in Embiid,Exum,Randle far from weak man.

      • Yo Mamma

        Jerry West, the guy who drafted Kobe which would turn out to be the best player in that draft, says this draft isn’t as strong as people say it is. Definitely will be better than the past 2 season’s draft for sure but its not a 2003 or 1996.

    • LegendInMyMind

      It’s considered one of the deepest drafts in recent history, actually.

    • Timmy Chong

      POOR DRAFT!?!?!?! This class is supposed to be one of the deepest with the 84, 96, and 03 draft classes. considering your vocabulary i assume you’re not an adult. your grammar is of a child.

      • karasoon4

        ….or lives in a foreign country and hardly catches any NBA games, let alone college games!

      • sena-celik

        of course.i am adult but there is one thing that u don’t know about me.i am not an american,i am turkish so it is normal when i make a mistake and then i am able to speak english somehow but u can’t speak turkish so considering that u are poor man, shut the f### up.

      • sena-celik

        of course.i am adult but there is one thing that u don’t know about me.i am not an american,i am turkish so it is normal when i make a mistake and then i am able to speak english somehow but u can’t speak turkish so considering that u are poor man, shut the f### up….

    • VillainKing™

      poor draft year??the young guys of this draft class is full of potential to become a superstar in the NBA!!!!

    • Lionel

      This draft is not poor at all actually it is a draft full of rich talent 1-10.A top heavy draft that is sorta deep also.One of the better drafts in many years.

      Andrew Wiggins compares to a young Toronto Vince Carter

      Joel Embiid compares to Hakeem Olajuwon

      Marcus Smart compares to a young Dwayne Wade and more athletic Gary Payton.

      Jabari Parker compares to a Mark Aguirre but a taller more athletic version.

      Aaron Gordon compares to Kenneth Faried and Shawn Marion.

      Julius Randle compares to Zach Randolph but much more athletic.Taller.

      Dante Exum compares to Penny Hardaway.

      Noah Vonleh compares to Chris Bosh.Better rebounder,more athletic.

      • david

        It would be the best draft in the history of the nba if it matches each of those selections.

    • david

      I agree it not a great draft in terms of elite talent but a deep one in terms of very solid all stars IMO.

  • Ed Mo

    who ever said that comment about kevin not goona happen stop dreaming about that guy just wait 2015

    • comrade24

      it’s looking more and more likely that it won’t even happen then. Seems like Minnesota is gearing up for a draft day trade. Unless he goes to another scrub team like Sacramento (doubtful) he’ll end up in a long term contract. next.

    • Timmy Chong

      lol? why not? its not in minnesotas best interest to let love walk. cleveland and the lakers both thought they had a legitimate chance of keeping lebron/howard.

      they dont, considering how the draft goes they might pull the trigger, hell itll be better on kobes part. gives more time to build chemistry with love, rather than him joining in on 2015 on kobes last contract year.

  • Jim213

    Per M Medina: “The Lakers will have two separate workouts (Wednesday) both in the morning and afternoon. The first group working out in the morning will include
    Syracuse’s Tyler Ennis, Pepperdine’s Brendan Lane, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart, Michigan’s Nik Stauskas, Indiana’s Noah Vonleh and Kentucky’s James Young.”

    “The second group working out in the morning will include Arizona’s Aaron Gordon, Michigan State’s Gary Harris, Duke’s Rodney Hood, UCLA’s Zach LaVine, Creighton’s Doug McDermott and Louisiana-Lafayette’s Elfrid Payton.”

  • jamming

    Aaron Gordon is my dream player for the Lakers out of this draft i pray we get him.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Aaron Gordon is just athletic… that’s all he has.. hasn’t develop an offensive game yet… he gets his points on put backs, as well as on open threes… no post up game, no face the basket game… I would go for Randle or the one from Croatia, can’t remember his name… or if Smart is available, Smart.

      • JohnSmith00

        Similar points were made of Blake Griffin, the player most everyone compares Gordon too, but he eventually managed to widen his skill set and I believe Gordon can too. While guys like Vonleh, Smart, and Randle seem like the more obvious choice, they too have major flaws.

        Fact is even though this is a deep draft none of the lottery picks are likely to come in and be an immediate superstar, star or impact player. They are all very raw and at the moment it’s about trying to figure out which one, after finely polished, could turn into a star.

        Despite that I will say this I DO NOT like Dario Saric, “the one from Crotia”, history has not been kind to eastern european players in the NBA. His chances of turning into the next Darko Milicic are far greater than him possibly becoming the next Dirk Nowitzki.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          disagree with you on Saric, “the one from Croatia”, he is that good… handles the ball like a PG, post up smaller players on the block, rebounds the ball on both ends of the floor, and actually can defend PFs… same thing cannot be said with Darko when he was coming in… Darko was just big and long and can shoot…
          Aaron Gordon’s ceiling is Shawn Marion… I don’t think, that is a good pick at 7th… but who knows, there have been way too many worst draft in drafting history.

  • Artis

    If the Lakers have the chance at number 7 to draft Aaron Gordon then do it but my other favorite player in this draft is Marcus Smart both are great young players with great talent and major upside especially Aaron Gordon his ceiling is higher.Lakers need to finally make the right choice make the smart choice Jim Buss you god damn bastard loser.

    Mitch is the one we should bitch at if they don’t draft the best player available.Aaron Gordon is a damn steal at number 7 and ya’ll gotta stop with that he is only another Kenneth Faried!Seriously???

    Come on now ya’ll he is way better than Kenneth Faried,he is a much better defender,passer,3 point shooter,athlete,team player.A much better player period.But yeah i am also down with Marcus Smart being a future Laker.

    His game is special he knows how to hit a open seam and he can very quickly get to the rim and score.He changes ends very fast as he hits the 90 foot court like a world class track runner with the ball in his hands.Changes 90 feet faster than any player in this draft on defensive.Smart is the best on ball defender since the glove Gary Payton.Ya i would be ecstatic if we draft Marcus Smart at number 7.Either Gordon or Smart and i am happy.

  • wangkon936

    I wonder if Aaron will wilt when Kobe gives him the death stare for dropping a pass and/or missing a lay-up and/or an open 15 footer?

  • kookiebuger

    I don’t see what people see in Gordon his offensive game is based on dunks and offensive rebounds. I’m not even sure what position he will play (no post game, no perimeter game), his only saving grace is his defense and athleticism.

    • oldschool93

      that’s actually two saving graces. just saying

      • kookiebuger

        I wouldn’t take him in the lottery I just think his best case scenario will be Josh Smith, I prefer Vonleh or Smart they aren’t offensive juggernauts either but they at least have a solid foundation, (Vonleh can spread the floor, is working on his footwork can finish with either hand, Smart can finish in traffic and finish with either hand, working on his jumpshot).

    • karasoon4

      You realize the “KID” is only 18 years old?! He is going to develop plenty over time. If in his first year “all” he’s going to offer is great defense, rebounds, high IQ and motor, and the ability to throw down damn near anything you throw at the basket, where is the problem??

  • LegendInMyMind

    There’s worse approaches.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    I’m still on the Smart bandwagon, but Gordon is my second pick. His athleticism could bring some major excitement to the team. Alley oops. Big dunks. Break aways. Skying for blocks. But he would definitely need work. I wouldn’t be upset about that pick though.

    • VillainKing™

      me too Smart..!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    It’s good to show interest and passion, but I prefer to see these young rookies with a heart of their own. Let’s hope Gordon won’t be attached to Kobe’s hip in the wrong way…

  • Daniel Bogarin

    I want them to draft Aaron Gordan than go out and do a trade for Zach Lavine, possibly a trade for Marshall will do the trick once we pick up his option. (Zach Lavine is believed to go around #13-24)
    Imagine Zach lavine and gordon running the break!!? Show time

  • David

    When is the last that the first three selections of 1-3 have prospects (Wiggins,Embiid,Parker) that are more likely to bust than 6-9 (Smart,Randle,Gordon)?