2014 Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors Tracker

2014 Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors Tracker


The buzzer will sound on the NBA trade deadline on Thurs. Feb. 20 at 3 p.m. ET and the Los Angeles Lakers will likely be one of the most active teams in the league.With the Lakers trade rumors running rampant, the storied franchise could be on the verge of making multiple deals before the deadline. Pau Gasol, Steve Blake, Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman have all been mentioned as potential candidates to be headed elsewhere. Although Gasol seems to be the most likely candidate to be dealt before Thursday’s deadline, any player on the current roster, outside of Kobe Bryant, is potentially up for grabs.


The Lakers weren’t able to complete deals for any players

While talks are intensifying surrounding Kaman, a Hill deal sounds unlikely

Lakers are talking to the 76ers about Chris Kaman

Gasol looks to be safe from being traded by the deadline:

With 30 minutes before the deadline, there’s still a chance something gets done: 

The Lakers tried to get a second round picks for Kaman and Hill to no avail thus far: 

It doesn’t sound like Hill will be moved after all: 

The Nets have essentially ended their pursuit of Hill: 

It doesn’t sound like the Nets and Lakers discussions centering around Hill haven’t gone very far: 

The Nets and Lakers might be cooling on a deal centered around Hill: 

While the Lakers might like to trade Gasol, it doesn’t sound likely with two hours remaining:

Meanwhile, the Nets are asking for a draft pick from the Lakers in exchange for Hill:

While there’s a lot of interest in Hill, the Lakers are still mulling deals over with some “dying”:

The Lakers are interested in acquiring a draft pick in a trade for Jordan Hill

Gasol may remain in Los Angeles until July where the team may re-sign him or work a sign-and-trade deal:

  Lakers may still hang on to Gasol if able to trade both Kaman and Hill before the deadline:

With the deadline less than 24 hours away, Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak will meet tonight to discuss possible moves:

Another suitor has emerged for Jordan Hill as the Atlanta Hawks have also been in discussions with the Lakers:

After showing interest in acquiring Hill, the Suns apparently have pulled out of trade talks with the Lakers:

Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as another team ready to make a pitch for Hill along with the Mavericks, Suns and Nets:

The Suns and Nets might not be the only teams interested in Hill’s services:

The Nets appear willing to take the $17 million hit in order to acquire Jordan Hill:

Kevin Love may ultimately be headed to Los Angeles at some point in the near future, but he seems to believe the Timberwolves have a better foundation right now in comparison to the Lakers:

Trade talks with the Suns may be back on the table with Gasol still potentially headed to Phoenix in exchange for Emeka Okafor’s expiring deal:

Kevin Love continues to be linked with the Lakers. The latest rumors has the Dallas Mavericks and Lakers targeting Love heading toward the deadline:

  Over the past three years or so, Pau Gasol has been the one player that has consistently mentioned in Lakers trade rumors. This season is no different:

  Steve Blake may be on the move before the trade deadline with the Golden State Warriors being a potential destination for the veteran point guard:

  One player that has emerged recently as someone that might be traded by the Lakers is Jordan Hill. The Brooklyn Nets and Lakers were reportedly in discussions on a potential deal to send Hill to Brooklyn:

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Trade machine is working overtime these next 2 days.

  • KOBE_24

    PLEASE FO, i heard that the bucks are willing to trade henson with mayo in the package we can give them the steve’s and a 1st round pick or 2 we can gain from pau gasol trade we can also trade kaman for a scorer and deal it to okc for a 1st rd pick, we can also sign love when he hits free agency imagine LOVE-HILL-EMBIID-HENSON in OUR OWN FRONTCOURT with the help of MARSHALL YOUNG KOBE and possibly DENG AND BLEDSOE!!!

    • Kobe

      you are so stupid, you’re going to look back at your comment in a year and agree with me.

      • corky carroll

        I want some of what you are taking

  • Chris Hernandez

    The Lakers need to Trade away as many of the Big Contracts they have for Draft picks and nothing else. Pick up a few great young free agents and have a good Draft. Then the next 2 years hit free agency by storm. If they manage to avoid the Repeater tax this year they should be good to go the next few years. I hope Gosal and Nash are gone next season. The only guys i would want left on the roster for next season would be Bryant, Young, Henry and Marshall. Get the rest from the draft and free agency this off season. they should tank the rest of the season and try to get Wiggins. The Lakers are currently tied for with the 5th worst record in the NBA. it sucks but at the same time it is a good thing.

  • Bathhouse Barry

    First order of business fire D’antoni.

  • Bathhouse Barry

    Second order of business…HIRE P.J.

  • Bathhouse Barry

    Third order of business…dump Kobrick.

  • Bathhouse Barry

    Fourth order of business…retire Nash.

  • Bathhouse Barry

    Fifth order of business…poison Jim Buss.

  • Serena is Sexy

    Serena, will you marry me? 😉